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SNL Fans Can't Stop Praising Chloe Fineman's Creepy Version Of Nicole Kidman's Infamous AMC Promo

"Saturday Night Live," NBC's long-running live variety show that has produced some of the most recognizable stars in Hollywood is hemorrhaging talent. Per Deadline in May 2022 at the end of Season 47 , "SNL" said goodbye to multiple staple cast members: Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney. More recently, in the weeks leading up to Season 48's premiere, "SNL" lost Melissa Villaseñor, Alex Moffat, and Aristotle Athari. Despite or perhaps because of the shake-ups, Lorne Michaels — the producer and creative mind behind "Saturday Night Live" — has promised a fundamental shift in the production moving forward. Sounds ominous, doesn't it?

Regardless of what that means, the remaining cast members of "Saturday Night Live" kicked off Season 48 with some golden material. Specifically, the moment that resonated with viewers the most seems to be when Chloe Fineman stepped into Nicole Kidman's unforgettable AMC commercial. Let's take a quick look at what happened and how the audience responded. 

Nicole Kidman, magical cult leader

In the original advertisement, Nicole Kidman travels to an AMC Theater on a rainy evening and shares, in poetic detail, why she loves seeing movies there. Kidman's monologue infamously ends with the phrase, "Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this." It's poetic ... but it's also kind of ominous, and that's the angle that "Saturday Night Live" latches onto for their jokes. In the Chloe Fineman-helmed skit poking fun at Kidman's commercial, Fineman portrays Kidman with an exaggerated phony accent and some big "Nine Perfect Strangers" energy.

Without spoiling every detail (the whole thing can be watched on YouTube), the "SNL" version quickly goes off the rails after Fineman utters that final line. In this version, she's not the only person in her particular screening, and the moment she finishes the line, the other theater-goers begin to chant her line ad nauseum as if they're attempting to summon a malevolent spirit. In the midst of everything, Fineman's Kidman rises into the air and crackles with literal electricity. She's beauty, she's grace, and she's clearly a magical cult leader.

Audiences loved Chloe Fineman's work

The original 2021 AMC advertisement is unforgettable and, as noted by Page Six, became an immediate viral sensation. The 2022 "Saturday Night Live" skit was late to the meme but fans don't seem to blame Chloe Fineman for the corporate crawl.

Twitter users like @TheInSneider and @feistyfrank praised Fineman's work, with the latter of the two saying, "Chloe Fineman spoofing Nicole Kidman's iconic AMC ad... pure perfection." Another user, @PBoothMedia, literally bashed the entire episode but made a point to end their opinionated tirade by sharing, "[the only] exception: Chloe Fineman's dead-on impression of Nicole Kidman's @AMCTheatres promo."

After the episode went live, Fineman posted the skit to her Instagram page, where it (as of this writing) garnered a modest 21.1k likes. In the comments, @OldManSaxon called her performance, "so damn good. I'm glad you did this because I roll my eyes every time I see it." Another Instagram user, @chris_penart, said, "the fact that I am watching this for the first time at an AMC theater. Laughing at this SNL sketch feels good in a place like this."

As noted in the New York Post, Kidman has signed on for more AMC collaborations, so it's entirely plausible that both "Saturday Night Live" and Fineman will be waiting in the wings for new material to mock. Let's just hope they jump on the bit a little more quickly next time.