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Rick And Morty Season 5 Episode 5 Should Be Giving Futurama Fans Disgusting Deja Vu

*Contains spoilers for Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 5*

Five seasons in, and "Rick and Morty" is still continuing to present itself as a fountain of originality ... albeit, one operating on the same vulgar, head-exploding, toxic sewage system of ideas that it always has. With that said, one monster-sized plot detail in the latest installment might have felt a little familiar to another beloved animated show. Which is okay — it happens. Even "South Park" (a show not without fresh ideas either) made an episode-long gag about how "Simpsons did it" way before anyone else. The difference is this particular show also had its fair share of space travel, robots, and a scientist surrounded by idiots.

This week, Rick (Justin Roiland) set off on an adventure to help his spineless son-in-law, Jerry, after getting a fortune cookie from hell. Fearing that the cookie would come true and he would end up sleeping with his own mother, Jerry joined the self-proclaimed super-genius to infiltrate its manufacturer, only to encounter a massive cooperation and discover the shocking method of how the cookies were made. 

Here's where the show tread over familiar territory, reminding fans of one particular episode from a show set in the world of tomorrow, just like it was yesterday. It'll also make you really thirsty for a nice refreshing can of Slurm.

Rick and Morty's fortune cookies followed the Slurm construction process from Futurama

For any fan of Matt Groening's beloved animated sci-fi show (that is set for a comeback, coincidentally), it might have been obvious where things were going at the fortune cookie factory the second a giant space beast came into view. It was revealed that Jerry's recent fears came from a monster that was (ahem) producing the cookies the same way the Slurm Queen "dispensed" the drink that Planet Express delivery boy, Fry, got addicted to in Episode 13 of "Futurama," titled "Fry and the Slurm Factory."

Given that every "Rick and Morty" episode is crammed with easter eggs, whether it be "Sailor Moon" references or "Taxi," there's no confirmation that this little morsel that popped out of an alien's rear is a nod to "Futurama," or not. Even so, this week's episode was good enough for "Rick and Morty" to get a pass on this one.

Of course, now it just sparks the idea that at least one scene of Rick sharing ideas with Professor Farnsworth is something we really need to see. Here's hoping we crack open a few fortune cookies for it to come true. Just that, though. Nothing else, thanks.