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The First Look At Peacock's Pitch Perfect Series Features A Modern Family Reunion

Bumper's back, baby.

Fans of the popular "Pitch Perfect" trilogy will be excited to hear that the franchise is making the jump to streaming with Peacock's original series "Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin." Of course, the series will feature the infamous Bumper Allen, the no-good, sonuva-pitch that terrorized the hilariously dysfunctional Bellas. Adam Devine is returning to star in the project, which follows Bumper as he tries to restart his music career in Germany. Also returning is "Pitch Perfect" executive producer (and director of "Pitch Perfect 2") Elizabeth Banks, who described the series as "'Loki' meets 'Emily in Paris'" (via People).

Though the series will bring back familiar faces (like Flula Borg's Pieter Krämer), it will also introduce new characters to the "Pitch Perfect" universe, including Heidi, played by "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland. Banks was excited to work with Hyland again after witnessing the actor's work firsthand — Banks was a frequent guest star on the series as Sal, which earned her an Emmy nomination in 2015. Banks isn't the only one excited about a "Modern" reunion, as "Bumper in Berlin" will also reunite two of the series' star-crossed lovers.

Devine and Hyland on Modern Family

On "Modern Family," Adam Devine played Andy Bailey, a sweet, sensitive "manny" (an outdated term for childcare workers that identify as men) that develops a strong romantic relationship with Haley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland). Andy and Haley did a lot of growing together throughout their relationship, with Haley ultimately stating that he was the first man she ever truly loved.

Unfortunately, seemingly due to Devine's rapidly growing career in film and comedy, his character was written out of the show as relocating to start his dream career as a real estate agent. Haley eventually married her longtime, on-again-off-again high school boyfriend, Dylan (Reid Ewing).

Devine has expressed his excitement for working with Hyland again, directly referencing his time with her on "Modern Family" in People Magazine. "I feel we left a lot on the table between our characters in 'Modern Family' ... So it was incredible to have an opportunity to give the fans more of what they loved between the two of us." According to Variety, Hyland is playing Bumper's assistant, who secretly dreams of being a musician herself.