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She-Hulk Fans Have One Big Prediction Following Episode 7

This week's episode of "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" has the internet wondering if change is truly possible — survey says ... no. After spending a weekend at former Abomination, Emil Blonsky's (Tim Roth), superhuman wellness retreat (and spending some quality time in his on-site yurt), Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) has a new lease on life. She even reencounters Wrecker, who appears to have benefited from Blonsky's teachings and is now striving to take accountability for his actions.

With the support of Wrecker, Blonsky, and a few other costumed curiosities (including a vampire and the swashbuckling mutant, El Águila), Jen cuts off her would-be boyfriend, Josh, and begins to deal with her alter-ego self-image anxieties. Her sunny ride home would be a happy ending — if it weren't then revealed that Josh stole a sample of Jen's blood for the mysterious #HulkKing.

As u/Rhodium-Veil theorizes on the r/shehulk subreddit, Wrecker may not be as healed as he appears to be. The user notes that Wrecker was able to convince Jen that she should delete Josh's number from her phone, effectively hindering or altogether removing her ability to track him down. Wrecker's drastic change of heart as a result of Blonsky's somewhat haphazard and seemingly unlicensed therapy is, admittedly, a bit of a stretch — though, the idea that he would undergo such therapy on the off-chance that Jen would visit the Retreat just so he could get her to delete a number is a bit more of a stretch. Unless, of course ... everyone's in on it.

The #HulkKing conspiracy

For this theory to have real gas behind it, Blonsky's entire retreat would need to be a sham — that, in and of itself, is not so far-fetched. It's possible that #HulkKing could be The Abomination, and that Blonsky is trying secure Jen's blood so that he can create a stronger mutation of his gamma-persona. His malfunctioning inhibitor could have been a genuine attempt to escape his bonds or a ploy to get Jen within arms reach. The latter still doesn't feel quite right, as it seems as though it wasn't Blonsky's decision to invite Jen at all — if he merely calculated that his parole officer would invite her, that's some Loki-level psychological planning. Maybe there will be a flashback next week where it's revealed the malfunction was a break-out gone wrong, forcing Blonsky and his hapless crew to build a therapeutic retreat in a matter of hours — it's a funny image but not really a convincing theory. It also still feels like too much to go through over a phone number — unless it wasn't just about the phone number.

Consider, if you will, the humble yurt — now consider it's not a yurt at all and is, in fact, some sort of chamber or other feat of biochemical engineering that could prevent Jen from ever turning into She-Hulk again. Perhaps, with Josh's sample of her blood, they were able to develop such a contraption. After all, she doesn't "Hulk-out" for the rest of the episode — an episode that saw Jen in serious conflict with her alter-ego, seemingly to the point of wanting it gone. Maybe "She-Hulk" will take a page out of the "Spider-Man 2" playbook, with Jen only realizing how much she needs her powers once they're not there.