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The Behind-The-Scenes Role Supernatural's Clif Kosterman Had Before Being Cast On The Show

One thing some fans may not know about "Supernatural" is that the series has a reputation for incorporating its crew into the show. Fan favorite dad figure Bobby Singer (Eric Kripke), for example, is literally named after Robert Singer, one of the executive producers and directors of the series. And the "Supernatural" writers didn't stop there, as there are many instances throughout the series that feature peeks behind the curtain that put the crew center stage. 

The most famous and recognizable episode to feature this came in Season 6. Titled "The French Mistake," it sees the Winchester brothers finding themselves thrust into an alternate dimension where "Supernatural" is just a television show and they are characters played by their real-world counterparts. This episode features many interpretations of real people, including the real Robert Singer (portrayed by Brian Doyle-Murray), series creator Eric Kripke (portrayed by Micah Hauptman), and Clif Kosterman (portrayed by Philip Maurice Hayes), Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles' driver.

Like the other characters in the episode, Clif Kosterman is based on a real person, one who has had roles both as an actor on the series, and some important behind-the-scenes duties.

Clif Kosterman was the actual bodyguard and driver to Supernatural's leading men

Beginning in Season 1, the real-life Clif Kosterman acted as the close protection specialist (bodyguard) for Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam). When asked how he got involved with the show by author Angelina M. Lopez during an interview, Kosterman said, "I actually got a call from production in Season 1 saying that our lead cast member's [Jared Padalecki] family is coming to town." Kosterman explained that he became more ingrained with the production after taking that security gig, which eventually led to him making his on-camera debut. "I got cast in Season 2, the epic 'Folsom Prison Blues,' [as] Tiny, of course," he said. 

Indeed, the episode "Folsom Prison Blues" sees Kosterman playing Tiny, an inmate at a haunted prison Sam and Dean infiltrate as freshly arrested and processed criminals. Tiny is particularly memorable because Dean ends up having to fight him during the episode, causing a distraction that gives Sam a chance to escape. The ghost haunting the prison ultimately kills Tiny.

Kosterman told Lopez that while he was cast in Season 2, he "was still doing my odd jobs with them and I had other jobs in between." It wasn't until Season 3 that he actually took on the official role of Ackles and Padalecki's personal bodyguard. After an argument between Ackles and their chauffeur, Kosterman took over as driver too. Kosterman, Padalecki, and Ackles worked closely together for the rest of the show and, at one point, even lived together. 

Kosterman showed up again in Season 11's "Beyond the Mat" where he played the wrestler Wrecking Ball Calhoon. He also worked on a documentary with his brother, Mitch, called "Supernatural Fandom."