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The Hilarious Chicago P.D. Stunt Test That Ended In An Unfortunate Mishap For Patrick Flueger

When he hits the mean streets of Chi-town on "Chicago P.D.," Patrick Flueger's Officer Adam Ruzek is often depicted carrying out a variety of action-packed stunts in the series. His character is the alpha cop who is first through the door when the squad busts their way into gang hideouts or armed assailants' digs. As such, Ruzek is frequently seen performing cop-like physical stunts. 

As for whether Flueger's gung-ho policing style is credible on this popular One Chicago franchise, it seems his work as Ruzek has garnered more than a few kudos from the people who ought to know: actual law enforcement professionals. As seen in a clip from an NBC Universal Press Tour posted by Deepest Dream, Flueger says the highest praise he can receive comes from Chicago cops who tell him the show's doing a great job. He notes that even TSA agents at the airport singled him out for praise as he caught a flight back to his Midwestern hometown, saying, "For a farm kid from Red Wing, Minnesota, that's a pretty cool moment." So, with his full-tilt Ruzek persona to consider, what stunt test turned into a painful interlude for the "Chicago P.D." star?

Flueger experienced a self-inflicted stunt-wardrobe malfunction on Chicago P.D.

The stunt prep that went seriously wrong for Patrick Flueger was revealed in a clip from the Steve Harvey show featuring the "Chicago P.D." actor. Along with co-stars Jesse Lee Soffer and Jon Seda, Flueger was part of Harvey's "Man-Crush Monday" schtick, ostensibly presenting that week's most appealing guy stars.

In the clip, Soffer explained that Flueger was trying on a special cup to protect him. Soffer offers to help Flueger test the cup, and he blithely agrees. But instead of adopting the correct, fully upright position during the incoming kick, Flueger crouched down slightly. The clip then shows Soffer launching his foot full force into his fellow actor's not-at-all-protected crotch, after which the very surprised Flueger collapses onto the ground, groaning loudly, "It didn't work!" As Soffer added during the interview, "I just made full contact," resulting in the "Chicago P.D." stunt-test fail that Flueger will likely never forget and, in the process, re-defining the term "man-crush" from its usual connotation.