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Are Donald Glover And Danny Pudi From Community Friends In Real Life?

There's no question that one of the most heartwarming aspects of Dan Harmon's surreal comedy series "Community" is the eccentric bromance between Troy Barnes (Donald Glover) and Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi). The two became fast friends during their first year at Greendale Community College, frequently pairing off to take on various schemes or activities across the Greendale campus without the rest of the study group.

As the series goes on, the two best friends become closer than any other pair in the entire series, to the point where their complete dependency on one another even starts to unnerve some other members of the study group and affect other aspects of their lives. Indeed, there are several times throughout the series where Troy and Abed put their own romantic relationships on hold for the sake of their bromance — such as the time that Troy rejects a librarian he's interested in, simply because she said that Abed is weird.

The intense friendship between Troy and Abed is one of the core dynamics of the study group, and the show constantly reminds us just how much these two best friends care for each other. That said, there is no doubt plenty of fans want to know whether or not this friendship extends behind-the-scenes as well, and whether or not Donald Glover and Danny Pudi actually are friends in real life.

Danny Pudi and Donald Glover actually are friends in real life

Fortunately, it seems like at least some of the intense friendship we saw on-screen translated into the real world, as both Donald Glover and Danny Pudi have asserted that they are close friends in real life as well. Glover admitted during a 2011 interview with Music Choice that the entire cast of Community had become extremely close to one another and enjoyed hanging out off-camera, explaining that he frequently spent time with Pudi outside of work. "We really like hanging out with each other, like I'm hanging with Danny all the time," Glover said.

In a 2014 interview with TheWrap, Pudi himself asserted that Donald Glover's departure from "Community" was difficult for him personally because the two had become such good friends, even comparing their own friendship to the absurd relationship between Troy and Abed. "Donald is a great friend," Pudi said. "It's not just Troy and Abed, it's Danny and Donald, too. So, you're dealing with those emotions. We work a lot of hours together and in close quarters. I don't want to say it's sad, because I'm excited for him."

Although they may not have a friendship that rivals the intense bond of Troy and Abed, it's certainly nice to know that Donald Glover and Danny Pudi are close friends behind-the-scenes as well.