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What You Probably Never Noticed About Lucifer's Episode Titles

"Lucifer" enjoyed a lot of success during its six-season run, especially after it moved to Netflix for its final three seasons. The show was a constant viewership success for the streaming network, and, according to Nielsen viewing records, it was the top viewed show of 2021 for the company (per The Hollywood Reporter). "Lucifer" is also, for the most part, an inherently silly series, and those working on the show were often in on the joke. Sure, it had serious subject matter as well, and there were plenty of dramatic moments throughout, but "Lucifer" never forgets to bring the comedy in one way or another.

Keeping with that theme, the titles for each episode often leaned into the more comedic elements that "Lucifer" went for. With eye-catching names like "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil" and "Trip to Stabby Town," it's easy to see why the writers and producers went for this kind of approach. However, there's another element to the episode titles that some fans may not have picked up on during their binge-watching experiences.

Lucifer's episode titles were mentioned within the episode

One of the more peculiar things about "Lucifer" and its often-humorous episode titles is that the title itself is often said aloud by various characters in the show, often by the eponymous devil himself (portrayed by Tom Ellis). YouTube user 88 Falling made a compilation video of this happening throughout the first four seasons, and it occurred in nearly every episode. While a small detail, it's certainly one that fans might not pick up on during their first watch.

Reddit user, u/KeqXiao, also pointed out and referenced the above YouTube video, which helped them make the connection. Some users in the thread were already aware of such a trend within the show, with u/vivibuff even making something of a game out of it by trying to guess which character would say the title aloud in any particular episode. "Lucifer" certainly isn't the first show to utilize such a method, but it definitely became one of the series' more subtle trademarks throughout its run. And it goes a long way in not only explaining why the titles were often comedic and silly but likely adding to the charm and tongue-in-cheek nature of the show.