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HBO's First The Last Of Us Trailer Promises A Terrifying Adventure

One of the most anticipated upcoming HBO series is "The Last of Us," starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as the incredibly popular video game characters Joel and Ellie. Video game movies and series might have a bad history, but fans are generally excited to see their favorite franchise make it to the big or small screen, and everyone's hoping HBO knocks it out of the part for "The Last of Us."

We got a very small taste of the upcoming series when developer Naughty Dog shared a photo of Pascal and Ramsey from the series on Twitter a year ago on "The Last of Us" Day. A little over a month ago, we saw the first footage from the series in a promo for HBO's upcoming projects, which has only heightened fans' excitement. The wait for a full-length trailer is no more, as HBO has finally dropped the goods precisely one year after their first photo tease. Video game fanatics should be beyond excited as the trailer teases an action-packed, thrilling adventure.

The Infected are looming

The first trailer for "The Last of Us" is giving us our first taste of the Infected, and their creepy ticking will make your skin crawl. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey perfectly embody their roles as Joel and Ellie, bringing authenticity from the video game to the small screen.

The world we're seeing in the post-apocalyptic United States is terrifying and rivals other landscapes seen in similar end of days projects like "The Walking Dead," "I Am Legend," and "Oblivion." We can't wait to see "The Last of Us" world expanded upon and are hoping this is yet another property that HBO blows out of the water. Also starring in the new series is Gabriel Luna as Tommy, Nick Offerman as Bill, Merle Dandridge as Marlene, Murray Bartlett as Frank, Jeffrey Pierce as Perry, and Storm Reid as Riley.

The trailer did not reveal a premiere date for the series but confirmed it's coming in 2023.