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Where Is Lisa Ebberson From My 600-Lb Life Now?

Lisa Ebberson is one of the newer faces to appear on the TLC reality series, "My 600-lb. Life," but she has already gone down as one of the show's most infamous individuals. Appearing on Episode 14, Season 10 of the show, Ebberson weighs over 630 pounds by the time she appears on "My 600-lb. Life." She has been bound to her bed for years by this point, with a doctor even stating her bones would break if she attempts to stand on her ankle. Her life up until that point had been full of rough relationships and choices, but her hope to provide a better childhood for her grandchildren continues to fuel Ebberson. 

She lives in Fairbury, Nebraska with her boyfriend, Randy, who has been enabling her throughout the years by buying her food and cleaning after her. However, he too suffers from a myriad of health issues, although Ebberson often disregards this. With such a setup, it feels that Ebberson's goals to lose weight and reclaim her life are going to be hard to make into a reality. But if "My 600-lb. Life" has proven anything, it's that the impossible can be made possible with enough hard work and effort. So was Ebberson able to prove everyone wrong and make the life she always dreamed of? 

A tragedy got Lisa to pick up her progress

The main doctor featured on "My 600-lb. Life," Dr. Now, would recommend several physical therapists and nutritionists to Lisa Ebberson and send them her way. However, instead of taking the time to listen and answer their questions with respect, she would go on to throw a tantrum and essentially shoo them away. However, her journey would take a tragic turn when her boyfriend, Randy, passed away due to COVID-19. Despite the crushing loss, Randy's passing meant that Ebberson would have to be put under medical care and receive a new caretaker. Ebberson went on to lose over 80 pounds while at the hospital. 

Despite the progress, she ultimately chose to leave the weight loss program and continue her life in Nebraska, angered by both Dr. Now and the other medical staff meant to help her. Today, there isn't much out there about Ebberson since the show, and it's not clear what her weight loss journey has looked like since then. Her Facebook account doesn't offer much in terms of information on her progress, but given that she has photos of her grandchildren posted a few times, we can hope that this means that Ebberson was able to move off the bed and finally be able to go outside.