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Netflix Invites The Whole World To Dinner In Somebody Feed Phil

Anybody hungry? It might be time to #NetflixandPhil.

Somebody Feed Phil is the new food and travel show from Netflix, following writer and producer Phil Rosenthal around the world as he samples the vibrant cuisines of many nations. 

The playful teaser for the series sees Rosenthal traveling to Mexico City, Tel Aviv, New Orleans, Saigon, Lisbon, Bangkok and more, sharing his food discoveries to bystanders with infectious exuberance. Where the network's own Chef's Table goes into the creation and origin stories of the foods of the world, Somebody Feed Phil focuses much more on the diner's experience, in the style of travelogue programming previously done by Gordon Ramsey or Anthony Bourdain.

Rosenthal is the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, and as a result has enough money to eat just about anywhere in the world he would like to, camera crew or no. It's nice that he's inviting an audience (and occasional celebrity guests) out on his journey. 

The show is a successor to Rosenthal's PBS series I'll Have What Phil's Having, which ran for one season before moving to Netflix. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the well-received production was too expensive for PBS to continue on that network, but as we all know, Netflix is hungry for original programming and has got plenty of money to spare.

Prior to embarking on his food series, Rosenthal wrote and directed the documentary Exporting Raymond, chronicling the process by which he localized and adapted Everybody Loves Raymond for Russian television under the name Voroniny

Somebody Feed Phil premieres on Netflix on January 12.