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Star Wars: A Droid Story - What We Know So Far

Over four decades after the first installment was released, "Star Wars" shows little signs of slowing down, and the House of Mouse continues to add titles to the ever-expanding franchise. It's never been a better time to be on one with the Force, and fans are getting so many exciting adventures involving all sorts of rebels, Jedis, and even droids.

While it's no secret that "Star Wars" has been a powerhouse in the world of cinema, the famous sci-fi property has done very well in the realm of streaming. The Emmy-winning Disney+ series, "The Mandalorian," has become a favorite amongst subscribers and has earned excellent scores on Rotten Tomatoes. While showcasing new characters is exciting, there is no denying that there are a plethora of known characters from the "Star Wars" universe that would do very well getting their own made-for-streaming feature, limited series, or TV show. Luckily several legacy characters are getting the Disney+ treatment in one way or another.

Out of all the options available, two candidates stand out for a number of reasons, including the fact that they have appeared in more "Star Wars" films than any other character. Both R2-D2 and C-3PO have been featured in 10 movies, and it looks like their efforts have earned them their own adventures in the form of "Star Wars: A Droid Story." Here is everything fans should know about the exciting endeavor featuring the fan-favorite droid dynamic duo.

What is the plot of Star Wars: A Droid Story?

On December 10, 2020, it was disclosed that the talented folks at Lucasfilm Animation, responsible for "Rebels" and "The Clone Wars," would be teaming up with the VFX masters over at Industrial Light and Magic to give fans "Star Wars: A Droid Story" (via StarWars.com). Together they will bring the animated title to life, but whether the project will be a series or a movie is unclear. IMDb lists it as a TV show, while a tweet from the official "Star Wars" account called the endeavor a film.

Whatever the case, the animated "Star Wars: A Droid Story" will have the Astromech warrior R2-D2 and the protocol powerhouse that is C-3PO back in action once again. But this time, they are the top-billed players guiding a new persona in the galaxy far, far away. When describing the upcoming adventure, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy told Deadline, "This epic journey will introduce us to a new hero guided by our most iconic duo ... on a secret mission known only to them. What could possibly go wrong?"

It's rarely a dull moment when these two robotic rebels enter the frame. While they aren't known for wielding lightsabers or taking down bad guys with blasters, they have been involved in some crucial moments, like aiding legendary Jedis and greatly assisting in the destruction of Death Stars. It will undoubtedly be exhilarating to see what the two get up to with their new Padawan-esque companion on their epic ordeal.

Who is in the cast for Star Wars: A Droid Story?

There has been no news regarding who will make up the cast for "Star Wars: A Droid Story," but some evidence suggests a franchise veteran could be involved. The actor known for playing C-3PO, Anthony Daniels, posted an image to his Instagram account wearing a motion capture suit on January 25, 2022. An animated project with Industrial Light and Magic would require C-3PO to change his on-set attire, and a mocap suit would make a lot of sense.

Daniels has stated that he has no intention of ever not playing the character, and when he spoke with CinemaBlend, he was pretty clear on his commitment to the prolific protocol droid. "No, I'm never going to retire. They're going to have to throw me out the door ... Life is not over, the films may be taking a back seat for 3PO, for a very, very long time, I would think. But there's all sorts of other media, particularly now with digital formats, that I'm so happy and grateful and proud to be part of."

This project seems to have C-3PO going from the back seat to the driver's seat, making it an ideal occasion to secure Daniels' services once again. "Star Wars" has brought back many fan favorites over the years, and fans would most assuredly love to see Daniels back in the mix for this remarkable adventure.

Where you can watch previous Star Wars movies and shows with droids

"Star Wars: A Droid Story" still does not have a concrete release window, but in the meantime, fans may want to catch up on every adventure the two iconic droids have embarked on before their new journey begins. Luckily for fans, they don't have to look very far or traverse to the galaxy's end. All things "Star Wars"-related can be found on Disney+ along with everything featuring C-3PO and R2-D2, as well as all of the other great droids the franchise has introduced over the years.

Subscribers have 10 feature films they can check out. The original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, the sequel trilogy, and "Rogue One" all have the duo on the roster. While some of the movies are better than others, the droids seldom disappoint, and every iteration offers several robotic personalities. But it isn't just movies the two are featured in, as they have made several appearances on the many "Star Wars" shows like "Clone Wars" and "Rebels" that are available to enjoy. They even starred in their own short-lived cartoon from the '80s called "Star Wars Droids," which is also available on Disney+.