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The Hilarious Way Torrey DeVitto Memorized Lines For Chicago Med

There's so much to learn when it comes to the art of acting, but a great deal of the job involves learning dialogue, whether that means memorizing a dozen sentences or 150. Of course, some actors are terrible at remembering their scripts, such as Marlon Brando, who needed cue cards during "The Godfather" (per The Huffington Post).

Other thespians can join a stage or a set with every word memorized, all ready to be performed. Famed actor Anthony Hopkins told The OC Register, "I could come up with all sorts of fancy theories about playing these characters but, basically, it's just a matter of learning the lines."

Remembering speeches and one-liners can be even tougher in the television sphere, where actors are dealing with way more dialogue and longer periods of work. But there are always solutions to this problem, like the one Torrey DeVitto found when she was on "Chicago Med."

DeVitto got strange looks when she practiced her lines

According to Build, actress Torrey DeVitto used to fret over every word in her scripts during the first season of NBC's "Chicago Med." This was especially the case with the more difficult medical jargon. DeVitto remembers how she would even walk around the city, saying the words to herself over and over so she wouldn't forget, which earned her some strange looks from other Chicago residents. However, as she became more comfortable playing physician Natalie Manning on the show, she also found it easier to remember all of her dialogue.

When asked how she is able to keep so much in her memory during production, DeVitto said, "Memorizing lines, you know, it's a muscle." Like physical exercise, the more she had to remember the dialogue, the easier it became for her. The actress commented, "I can look at something sometimes and just know it after the first read."

DeVitto departed "Chicago Med" during the Season 7 premiere (via TVLine), but she's already appeared in several Hallmark films, including "The Christmas Promise" (IMDb). Hopefully, she'll be able to keep flexing her memorization muscles in movies and on television for years to come.