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Jackass Fans Have Some Sour Opinions On Machine Gun Kelly's Appearance

In February 2022, "Jackass Forever" was released in theaters, and as expected from the "Jackass" crew, audiences witnessed many gross, disturbing, and cringe-worthy stunts and pranks. It was the same old formula but spiced up with a new set of cast members. The crew added plenty of fresh, young talent to the proceedings, essentially inaugurating a new generation of jackasses. It's especially vital now that they're one man down since Johnny Knoxville's stunt career has ended.

As with any "Jackass" project, the cast also brought several of their celebrity friends to take part in the tomfoolery, including, but not limited to, former professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, comedian Eric André, former "Mythbusters" cast member Tory Belleci, and recording artists Tyler, the Creator and Machine Gun Kelly.

Though critics and fans seemed to love the movie, one addition to the film wasn't quite as well received. Fans on Reddit don't seem particularly pleased with Machine Gun Kelly's participation in the film.

In the film, MGK competes against Steve-O in a stunt called the "Bicycle Backhand," in which the two must peddle on a stationary bike as fast as possible to reel back a giant hand. A victor is declared when his giant nitrous-powered hand reaches a certain point and painfully slaps his opponent. The force of the swat is so strong that it launches Steve-O off his bike. Though the musician lost and was knocked back into the freezing-cold pool, fans think that he wasn't miserable enough.

Jackass fans aren't very fond of Machine Gun Kelly

Taking to the subreddit r/jackass, user u/darealsammy_irl posted a very succinct comment: "Machine Gun Kelly didn't suffer enough." With over 200 upvotes, it's pretty clear that fans wanted to see the divisive rapper-turned-rocker in a much more painful stunt. Overall, comments regarding the musician were not very kind. 

One popular comment by u/KCfaninLA suggested an alternative stunt that would have been much more fitting: "They should have named a stunt 'Machine Gunned Kelly' and lit him up with a paintballing machine gun." Redditor r/fabreazebrother_1 seems to have summarized the overall consensus of the thread saying, "He got knocked in the pool and acted like that was the first time anything aggressive happened to him in his entire life. I hate his face."

Despite what the Redditors might have perceived of him, it seems that MGK declined any special treatment as a celebrity guest. In a March 2022 interview with Howard Stern, Kelly confirmed to Stern that he specifically requested that the "Jackass" crew treat him as if he was a full member, asking the team not to hold back. That request might have been honored if not for scheduling issues.  

While speaking with Stern, he explains that he was originally supposed to appear in another stunt called "The Quiet Game," in which cast members, dressed as mimes, must endure incredibly painful stunts without uttering a sound. To MGK's great fortune, scheduling conflicts prevented him from participating in this stunt saying, "I was really glad the scheduling didn't work out for that one." Had he taken part in the "Quiet Game," would it have been enough to satiate "Jackass" fans?