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Where Is Ontreon Shannon From My 600-Lb Life Now?

The participants from the TLC reality show "My 600-lb. Life" must overcome immense obstacles on their respective weight loss journeys. Not only does their weight bring along a host of physical limitations, but the heavy emotional burdens they carry from their pasts that often lead to their overeating can be just as, if not more, difficult to fight through. But regardless of what emotional weight must be shed, at the end, it is their discipline and willingness to push themselves that makes the difference between whether or not they succeed in losing their physical weight. But what happens when the pain is too much to fight through? 

Such was the case with 36-year-old Ontreon Shannon. Shannon, who appeared on episode 11, season 10 of the long-running TLC series, saw a childhood with little in the way of interaction with his estranged father and overworked mother. Shannon's childhood was mostly spent with his grandparents, who were more than happy to provide copious amounts of food to comfort the lonely child, thus becoming Shannon's coping mechanism to battle this pain. By the time he appeared on the show, Shannon weighed well over 700 pounds, and had to take 14 different medications a day just to keep his heart from failing. He and his wife also had to move in with his mother due to his health. Despite his setbacks, Shannon was determined to lose weight and improve his life. So just how far did he go? 

Ontreon still has quite a battle ahead

Despite Dr. Now, the main doctor featured on "My 600-lb. Life," believing that Ontreon Shannon lacks the willpower to go through with the program, especially after Shannon was let go by one of his original cardiologists, he pushed him to lose 80 pounds within two months. Motivated by his wife and mother, Shannon at first takes some great strides, not only pushing on with the diet, but also exercising and attending therapy sessions to better himself mentally.  His belief in his loved ones and his faith make it seem as though Shannon is on the road to healing and making the best out of himself. But sadly, this is not the case by the end. 

By the episode's conclusion, Shannon gains an additional 15 pounds over the course of the two months where he was supposed to lose significantly more. Shannon is disappointed by his weight gain, although Dr. Now doesn't give in to what he believes to be an emotional display, feeling that Shannon still does not have the drive needed to make his weight loss goals a reality. Regardless, Shannon claims that he will keep moving forward. Since then, Shannon has largely gone radio silent. Although a Facebook account once existed to chronicle his progress, Shannon has since taken it down (via Distractify). But given his can-do attitude and the strong support and belief system around him, we wish only the best for Shannon and his journey moving forward.