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How Robbin The Scion tC Guy Really Felt About His Time On The Rehearsal

If you watched Season 1 of Nathan Fielder's "The Rehearsal," you doubtlessly remember Robbin Stone, the devout Christian whose entire life seems to be defined by the time he crashed his Scion tC at 100 miles per hour and walked away to tell the tale (and tell it again, and again, and again, from the looks of things). Robbin wasn't the only eccentric showcased on Fielder's unusual experiment in hyperreality television, but he was a standout among them, thanks to his obsession with random numerological "symbols," his unorthodox spiritual belief system, his thorny relationship with his roommate, and his casual disregard for basic traffic laws.

In fact, Robbin was such an unconventional personality that many viewers began to suspect that he was an actor playing a character. But no, as it turns out, Robbin is very much a real person, and Vice tracked him down to get the real scoop on how he feels about his appearance on "The Rehearsal."

The resulting story gives a fascinating look not just into Stone's off-camera personality, but Fielder's mysterious creative process as well. It also reveals a somewhat surprising real-life storyline that hasn't been captured by Fielder's cameras — so far.

Robbin doesn't think The Rehearsal portrayed him accurately

Not surprisingly, Robbin Stone has some issues with the way he was portrayed on "The Rehearsal," and believes that the show's producers chose to only highlight his most "douchey" qualities. "The portrayal is just completely aimed at making me look bad," he said. Somewhat surprisingly, however, he also claims he wouldn't behave differently if he had it all to do over again (a type of do-over which, incidentally, is one of the core motifs of "The Rehearsal").

Stone wishes "The Rehearsal" had included more of his discussions about religion, "like mine and Angela's conversation at the MacGyver Park, [where] we were bouncing off each other, really sharing a lot of similarities with Christ." He also says that he's still close with Angela, the woman with whom he (briefly) raised a pretend child before abandoning her in the middle of the night. In fact, he claims that the two believe they're "meant to be together," although unnamed obstacles are currently getting in the way.

Robbin Stone's viral fame is far from the first time that a Nathan Fielder project has generated some real-life headlines. In 2014, a "Nathan for You" bit involving a "Dumb Starbucks" received some baffled local coverage in Los Angeles before it became known that the whole thing was simply a gag for a Comedy Central show.