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Miranda Rae Mayo's Hilarious Comment On The Secret To Chicago Fire's Success

If you're having a conversation about the most successful TV franchises out there, you won't be able to go long without mentioning NBC's "One Chicago." The umbrella of various procedural dramas like "Chicago Fire," "Chicago P.D.," and "Chicago Med" is a sight to behold, not only because of the surprising interconnectedness of the shows' shared world (there's a bunch of fan-favorite "One Chicago" crossovers), but also for the impressive length that the franchise has been running. "Chicago Fire" kicked off the universe in 2012, and it's still going strong over 10 years later, alongside most of its sister series.

Of course, one has to wonder how "Chicago Fire" and its brethren have kept up the momentum for so many years and have continued to enjoy a healthy popularity in the TV space. As it happens, "Chicago Fire" cast member Miranda Rae Mayo has her own semi-answer to the question that's sure to get a laugh out of a few fans.

The secret to success evades Mayo herself

It seems that the secret to the enduring success of "Chicago Fire" and its fellow "One Chicago" series is something that not even the stars of the franchise can fully wrap their heads around. In an interview with KTLA, "Chicago Fire" star Miranda Rae Mayo and "Chicago P.D." star Marina Squerciati fielded questions about their respective shows. When the pair was asked why they thought the series have been able to run for so long, Squercitati answered, "If I really knew, I'd be Dick Wolf and I'd be making the shows and making the money." Mayo then chimed in herself, giving a comedic analogy to the inner workings of a restaurant. "We don't get the recipe to the secret sauce, we are just in the kitchen continuing to cook," she said.

While the actresses may not claim to know the core key to the continued popularity of "One Chicago," Dick Wolf has previously gone on the record to give his own answer to the question. Ironically enough, the "One Chicago" co-creator credits the dynamics of the actors themselves as the reason fans keep coming back. "I've never had anything like it, which is, I think, only visible to the audience by the fact of how good they are together," he said in a press interview (via Tell-Tale TV). "There are no line counters. There are no — 'where's my close-up?' It's a remarkably ensemble-like world."