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Why Abbott Elementary Fans Have Their Eyes On Jill Biden

The mockumentary workplace comedy "Abbott Elementary" has largely succeeded because of its feel-good, positive attitude, which highlights educators trying to do what's best for their students. The show immediately found a captivated audience, with Salon saying the show's popularity, on the surface level, can be attributed to "to its consistently hilarious writing and plausible, lovable characters." Digging deeper, the outlet found that the Quinta Brunson-created series invites viewers to celebrate "educators' dedication to shaping the future not with earnestness, but joy, cleverness, and humor that often leaves the viewer breathless."

With such positive word of mouth, it should be of no surprise that the debut season was a darling during this year's Emmys, nabbing seven nominations, and ultimately bringing home three statues, including Best Writing. Ratings wise, the series premiered to consistent viewership (via Deadline), and it's expected that its streak will continue once Season 2 numbers are released. It looks like Season 1 wasn't just beginner's luck as Abbott's sophomore outing currently holds a whopping 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The elementary school's second year will consist of 22 episodes, nine more sessions of class than Season 1.

The future's looking brighter than ever for "Abbott Elementary." Now, as Season 2 debuts, the series is receiving some much-warranted love from one of America's most famous educators: Dr. Jill Biden.

Jill Biden loves Abbott Elementary like the rest of us

After its successful run at the Emmys, "Abbott Elementary" finally premiered its sophomore season on September 21 with "Development Day." Fans were naturally excited to see the series return, but many were caught by surprise when First Lady of the United States Dr. Jill Biden praised the show on Twitter. "Sometimes it's the little things that bring such joy — like catching 'Abbott Elementary' ... @quintabrunson, thank you for the late night laughs ahead of teaching tomorrow!" tweeted Biden alongside a photo of her watching the Season 2 premiere.

The series serves as a love letter to the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and its hard working educators, making it no surprise that Dr. Biden is invested in the series considering she was raised in the city's suburbs (via Philly Mag). One can imagine she found the Philadelphia-centric cameo from the episode delightful. "Abbott Elementary" isn't just a local favorite to Philly residents as its struck a chord with teachers across America for creating an empathetic, relatable, and realistic look at teaching (via Buzzfeed News). Dr. Biden, a practicing English professor (via USA Today), is no doubt enthused by how relatable the series is. Following Dr. Biden's tweet, several fans, including user @GemayelHampton proposed the idea of the educator taking a trip down to Abbott for a quick cameo.

It wouldn't be out of the question for Dr. Biden to show up at Abbott considering she joined her husband, Joe Biden, for a memorable appearance on "Parks and Recreation."