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Who Plays Josh In She-Hulk Episode 6?

Episode 6 of "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law," titled "Just Jen," didn't do much to further the grand plot. Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) hangs a writer's lampshade on this glaring problem at the start of the episode by breaking the fourth wall to confirm with the viewers that, yes, what will follow will be a self-contained story. If it helps, she appears to be just as annoyed by the interruption as we are — and who wouldn't be? In brief, the episode follows Jen as she's invited to a wedding of an old acquaintance, in which she is set to be a bridesmaid. At this wedding, the bridezilla demands that she stay in human form and handle a slew of menial tasks for the other bridesmaids. 

Why she puts up with this is anyone's guess, but at least she makes a new friend. See, at the wedding is a man named Josh. He's charming in an awkward way that only really works for attractive people, but works it does, and he stays by Jennifer's side as often as he can. While it's doubtful that we'll see this particular character return for future episodes (again, self-contained story), let's take a look at the man behind the role, Trevor Salter.

Trevor Salter is a fresh face in the acting industry

As of this writing, there's precious information to share about Trevor Salter. According to his IMDb page, the man's only officially performed four times, and "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law," which should be his fifth credit, isn't even listed yet. Also, according to Bam Smack Pow, he's seemingly (blissfully) ignoring social media, which probably explains why his happiness as Josh seems to genuine. 

A quick visit to Backstage (think if Broadway and IMDb had a baby), however, sheds a little more light on what Salter's been up to. There are eight more credits to add to his name as a professional stage performer, and suddenly the gap between his film credits makes more sense — Salter is, or so it appears, first and foremost, a theatre kid. 

Given the number of eyes magnetized to Marvel's every move, it's likely that Salter's brief, endearingly charismatic time in the MCU will provide his career with the potential fuel it needs to expand. Tragically, that might mean he'll have to make more social media accounts, but that's kind of the price for playing. Sorry, Salter.