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Letitia Wright Calls Wakanda Forever 'A Beautiful Love Letter' To Chadwick Boseman - Exclusive

The future of the "Black Panther" series has been up in the air since the tragic passing of T'Challa actor Chadwick Boseman. The year 2020 was difficult for countless reasons, but losing Boseman to colon cancer (per NBC) sent the MCU fandom into deep mourning. Rather than end the series, however, Marvel Studios is moving forward with the second installment of "Black Panther," titled "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever." Even the name feels like a remembrance of our fallen king. 

Fans got one last chance to say goodbye to Boseman when "What If...?" featured a voice cameo from Boseman that centers around the concept of T'Challa becoming Starlord instead of Black Panther. Though Boseman's last acting project has come and gone, that won't stop the MCU from honoring both his and T'Challa's memories throughout the franchise, especially during "Wakanda Forever." 

Shuri actor Letitia Wright spoke to our sister site, The List, in an exclusive interview for her new film, "The Silent Twins." While she couldn't tell us much about "Wakanda Forever," she did say that it's a love letter to Boseman — and could we really ask for anything else?

Chadwick Boseman forever

It's no secret that Disney's lawyers are a bit scary when it comes to the silence surrounding the plot of new films. Of course, when we asked Wright if she could tease anything from "Wakanda Forever" and Shuri's role, she couldn't risk the wrath of Thor's hammer, Mjølnir, from Disney's lawyers. Instead of teasing the film, she teased us. Wright joked, "Okay, I'm about to give you the whole plot of the film. Are you ready?" And who could keep a straight face during that tease? After a few laughs, Wright quipped, "I love how you laugh like you [don't] believe I would do it. Damn it. We're just that secretive. I can't give anything away."

However, she did give us a small nugget that's worth all the vibranium in Wakanda. "All I can say is that it's going to be really fun and it's like a beautiful love letter to our brother, to carry on what you started, and I hope you guys enjoy it." We're not crying. There's just some space dust caught in our eyes.

Wright's film "The Silent Twins" is now playing in theaters.