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The Two Huge Marvel Stars Who Have Played Jeffrey Dahmer

At this point, it's no secret that the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has been the subject of (and inspiration for) numerous television shows and movies, each one attempting to capture the essence of Dahmer's madness and to chronicle the story behind his horrific crimes.

These projects range from experimental crime documentaries like "The Jeffrey Dahmer Files," which tells the stories of both Dahmer and the people he knew via archival footage and interviews, to movies about Dahmer's parents, such as the 2006 film "Raising Jeffrey Dahmer." Some, like Marc Myer's "My Friend Dahmer," which follows Dahmer's troubled high school experience through the eyes of his friend John Backderf, even craft dramatic character studies about the notorious cannibal.

Indeed, there seems to be no end to the amount of media about Dahmer. Accordingly, a number of actors have stepped into Dahmer's shoes. In fact, as surprising as it may seem, no less than two major Marvel stars have played Jeffrey Dahmer over the years.

Jeremy Renner and Evan Peters have both played Jeffrey Dahmer

The actors in question are Jeremy Renner and Evan Peters, both of whom played Jeffrey Dahmer in biographical dramas. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jeremy Renner plays Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye), while Evan Peters appears as Peter Maximoff, better known as Quicksilver, in the X-Men film franchise. Peters also had a guest role as "Ralph Bohner," the fake Quicksilver, in the MCU series "WandaVision."

Renner's performance as Jeffrey Dahmer came in the 2002 biopic "Dahmer," which tells the killer's story via a non-linear narrative that alternates between his troubled youth and his days as a murderer. Evan Peters plays Dahmer in the recent Netflix miniseries "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," which chronicles his murders from the perspective of his victims.

The fact that these two Marvel stars have both played Dahmer is quite a coincidence, though perhaps the oddest part is seeing these two prolific superhero actors portraying such a horrific figure. Indeed, although they are both known for playing some of Marvel's greatest heroes, fans are sure to look at Peters and Renner a bit differently after learning about their shared role.