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Fans Tell Looper Who Their Least Favorite Naruto Character Is - Exclusive Survey

"Naruto" fans all have strong opinions on which characters are the best and which are the worst. Manga fans may enjoy a particular character more than others, while anime fans could pick an entirely different character. The series has its fair share of compelling yet powerful individuals, so there are many options when choosing your favorite.

Unfortunately, given the sheer amount of "Naruto" characters, there are also plenty of options for a least favorite character. The anime spans over 700 episodes, so some characters will inevitably be left in the dust while the show explores others. But sometimes, especially with "Naruto," even if the character is front and center for most of the show, they don't have the best reputation among the fanbase.

"Naruto" fans know exactly which characters are at the bottom of most people's lists. Sakura is a character that fans widely pan, being written as an annoying love-struck girl in "Naruto" and making some less-than-ideal choices in "Naruto: Shippuden." Even Naruto has ended up at the bottom of some fans' lists. The titular hero can be pretty annoying throughout both shows, falling into the stereotypical Shonen hero tropes.

Looper ran an exclusive survey for our readers, and the results will surprise all "Naruto" fans.

Looper readers crown Itachi as their least favorite character

In a shocking turn of events, Looper readers named Itachi Uchiha their least favorite "Naruto" character. 

The exclusive survey consisted of over 600 participants, with 20% of them agreeing that Itachi was their least favorite. Honestly, most of the characters that scored the highest were shocking choices. Sasuke Uchiha placed second with about 18%, followed by Sakura Haruno with 17%, Kakashi Hatake with 16%, Shikamaru Nara at 15%, and Naruto bringing up the rear with 14%. It's safe to say that Looper readers don't shy away from expressing their hot takes, naming some of the most beloved characters — Itachi, Kakashi, and Shikamaru — as their least favorite characters. 

Some users on Reddit echoed the Looper audience's hot takes. When asked who their least favorite "Naruto" character was, user tht1guy52 said, "Coincidentally, some of the biggest fan favorites. Itachi – Gary Stu. Majority loved him, I personally could not care less for him. I could go on a rant like I will others, but it's not worth it for him." Calling him a 'Gary Stu,' the male equivalent to a Mary Sue, was a reasonably common issue fans had with the character. Many fans enjoyed him when "Naruto" presented him as a villain, but revealing that he was a hero seemed to sway most fans' opinions. User Shotosuke also agreed, saying, "Itachi. 'You must take the life of your best friend! You must kill him!' Nuff said." A few more users named Itachi as their least favorite because of the character's seemingly perfect nature and invulnerable powers.