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Deadliest Catch's James Gallagher Makes His Opinion On Josh Harris Brutally Clear

The Harris family is a polarizing bunch on "Deadliest Catch." Some fans are divided on Phil Harris, the captain of the Cornelia Marie and a regular fixture on the reality series until his death in 2010. His sons, Josh and Jake, also got their start in the series in 2006, and viewers have watched Josh grow from a 20-something greenhorn to co-captain of the Cornelia Marie. When Josh discovered his late father's old charts, it served as the impetus for the Hawaii-set spinoff series "Deadliest Catch: Bloodline."

It's not just fans that have strong opinions about the Harris clan. James Gallagher, a rookie engineer for the Lady Alaska who appeared on Seasons 16 and 17 of "Deadliest Catch," is known to voice his opinions on Reddit. There he's dropped his innermost thoughts on what goes on behind the scenes and what life is really like for greenhorns. Here's what Gallagher really thinks of Josh Harris.

James Gallagher is no fan of Josh Harris

In the third installment of his Reddit AMA, James Gallagher didn't hold back sharing what he thought of Josh Harris. "I'm not a fan of Josh Harris," he wrote. "I have my own personal reasons and I am not here to bash people on [the] show, especially ones that I don't really know personally." Gallagher concluded by trying not to yuck a fan's yum. "If you met him and he was kind to you that's all that really matters in my book."

Harris is largely a popular figure in the "Deadliest Catch" universe, and the fine minds at Discovery clearly found him to be charismatic enough to lead his own spinoff series. Others sympathize with the young captain for the losses he's experienced on "Deadliest Catch." "I think people are too hard on Josh," writes u/steele1998. "He was a deckhand who very suddenly was thrusted into boat ownership, and that's not an easy thing."

Still, Gallagher isn't the only Harris detractor. Some fans are confused about Josh's role on the show, noting that his co-captain Casey McManus does all the heavy lifting. With fans still waiting for news of a Season 4 renewal of "Bloodline," Discovery will ultimately have to determine whether Harris is likable enough to continue helming his own series.