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Johnny Knoxville Reveals One Jackass Prank That Didn't Make The Final Cut

With three seasons of a TV series, four main installments of a movie series, and various specials, the only thing more impressive than how many stunts the guys of "Jackass" have done, is the fact that they somehow survived them all. And with a countless variety of dangerous scenarios these daredevils put themselves through, it's no secret that plenty of stunts never got aired for public viewing. But what could possibly hold a great "Jackass" idea back from being included, especially if it's already been shot and the guys have endured the physical consequences? 

On "The Dan Patrick Show," Johnny Knoxville explained that there is a gamut of reasons why a stunt may be cut. "Sometimes people won't sign a release agreement afterwards, if you're pranking them. Sometimes ... our camera guy may miss it." In addition, there just may be too many completed stunts to choose from. Of course, this leads fans to want to know how they could ever possibly see these forbidden clips. Knoxville suggested, "There's a 'Too Hot For TV' tape that you can get, if you know me." Steve-O and Jason "Wee Man" Acuña are two "Jackass" alumni that not only know Knoxville but have experienced stunts getting cut, as well. 

On an episode of "Hot Ones, Truth or Dab," Steve-O, facing off against Wee Man, unveils three dropped moments from the original "Jackass" movie. The first was "Box Downstairs," when one of the guys got in a cardboard box, stuffed with pillows, then got rolled downstairs. There was the one where Johnny Knoxville shot himself in a bullet-proof vest with a handgun, and another time Knoxville was purposely hit by a car. As great as those sound, Knoxville revealed a much less violent stunt, meant for the TV show, that you might have not known ended up getting cut.

Johnny Knoxville was almost shot by police

With the endless list of stunts accomplished and presented to fans of "Jackass" for over 20 years, the ones that hit the cutting room floor grows, as well. Back in 2014, Johnny Knoxville talked to Dan Patrick about one that never reached its potential when shooting the TV show. Knoxville set the scene, saying that he walked into a hardware store dressed in a Los Angeles County Prison jumpsuit. With handcuffs shackled around his wrists, he called out asking for someone to help him cut the cuffs off. 

"Soon, I realized that no one was in the place," Knoxville recalled. "The owner had cleared out the entire place." Although he didn't explain, it's most likely the owner of the hardware store must have seen Knoxville and quickly pulled his customers outside to safety. He continued to stand there, not sure what to do next. And although this fun seemed like it had ended there, things got really interesting when Knoxville exited the hardware store to find a police officer pointing a gun at him. 

But the weirdest part was yet to happen. As the police officer held her revolver pointed at Knoxville's head, her cruiser had its own plan. "She forgets to put her car in park," the "Jackass" star shared. "Then her car rolls into the light pole. And I was like, man we are in big trouble now." Luckily, he and the crew were able to explain to the officer what the deal was. When Knoxville asked the officer if this was the weirdest call they have ever gotten, she replied, "No, there was once a guy naked at the top of a palm tree." One can only wonder if hearing that police story led to an eventual "Jackass" stunt.