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30 Best Scenes In Dragon Ball Movies Ranked

Akira Toriyama's beloved manga series "Dragon Ball" has evolved into a full-fledged global phenomenon, being adapted into a franchise of television series, video games, and merchandising. Spinning off from the numerous anime adaptations are a growing number of feature-length films depicting the further adventures of the heroic Goku and his fellow Z-Fighters as they defend the Earth. From non-canonical side stories starring the iconic characters to continuations of the overarching story set in the main continuity, these films deliver the fan-favorite moments and frenzied fights that have made "Dragon Ball" a perennially popular property.

With dozens of films to draw from, there is certainly no shortage of beloved scenes that give the long-running television shows a run for their money in regard to sheer quality. Here are the 30 best scenes from the "Dragon Ball" movies, from its initial period chronicling Goku's childhood exploits to the epic journeys through space and time that the Super Saiyan experiences as an adult.

30. Goku defeats Ginger and Nicky

As the first "Dragon Ball Z" branded film in the franchise, "Dead Zone" shows Goku still relying on things like the Flying Nimbus and Power Pole to save the day. Even though Goku here is a far cry from the Super Saiyan he will eventually become, he's no less a formidable warrior, proving this in a major fight sequence in the movie. Traveling to a faraway palace to rescue his kidnaped son Gohan from Garlic, Jr., Goku is pitted against Garlic's loyal henchmen Ginger and Nicky.

Engaged in a fierce sword fight against the two villains, Goku manages to buy himself some breathing room by knocking Nicky to an adjacent rooftop with the Power Pole's extension ability. Focusing on Ginger, Goku knocks the henchman in between himself and Nicky before firing a mighty Kamehameha Wave that overpowers Ginger's own energy blast. Nicky only has just enough time to look up and see Goku's incoming attack before he and Ginger are completely obliterated in the resulting explosion.

29. Goku singlehandedly wipes out the Red Ribbon Army

The 1996 film "Dragon Ball: The Path to Power" commemorated the tenth anniversary of the original "Dragon Ball" anime series, retelling and condensing the first half of the show's story into a single film. Shortly after meeting Bulma, Master Roshi, and the rest of his friends for the first time, Goku faces off against the vile Red Ribbon Army, who want to use the Dragon Balls for themselves. Goku goes on the offensive single-handedly after the paramilitary organization kidnaps his newfound friends and locks them away in their coastal headquarters, with an entire army standing in the young hero's way.

As Bulma manages to free herself and the rest of the Red Ribbon Army's prisoners, Goku blasts through waves of enemy troops with his recently learned Kamehameha Wave. When foot soldiers and tanks begin to close in for close-quarters combat, Goku easily takes down all of his opponents with his martial arts skills and the Power Pole. Already a prodigious fighter long before he grows up to be the world's greatest hero, "The Path to Power" updates and streamlines the pivotal moment in "Dragon Ball" history for movie audiences.

28. Krillin rescues Android 18 from a cloned Broly

The 1994 film "Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly" has many of the cast's heaviest hitters conspicuously absent from the story, with Trunks and Goten serving as the protagonists instead. True to its title, the movie features a genetic clone of the villainous Broly on the loose, mutated and imperfect but no less lethal. Joining Goten and Trunk on their adventure are Krillin and his wife Android 18, who quickly find themselves outmatched by cloned Legendary Super Saiyan when he makes his escape.

After 18 is beaten badly by the rampaging clone, there is a scene that has the married couple enjoy a heartfelt moment together amidst the chaos. Krillin makes his entrance in the film by narrowly rescuing his wife from being annihilated, with the couple enjoying quiet respite before they are attacked by the cloned Broly together. Krillin shields 18's body with his own, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice before Goten and Trunks swoop in to continue the fight and save their friends.

27. Vegeta defends innocent bystanders from Hirudegarn

Vegeta has one of the most dramatic character arcs across the "Dragon Ball" franchise, going from merciless conqueror to a gruff but earnest hero in his own right. Vegeta makes a late entrance in the 1995 film "Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon," appearing as the gargantuan enemy Hirudegarn attacks a city. Charging Hirudegarn, Vegeta quickly discovers that his Super Saiyan 2 transformation is not enough to stop the towering villain and is knocked into a nearby office building.

As Hirudegarn readies a fiery attack to finish Vegeta off, the Saiyan Prince realizes the office is still full of innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire. Mustering the last of his energy, Vegeta creates a forcefield powerful enough to withstand the full brunt of Hirudegarn's flaming attack and save everyone inside. While Vegeta passes out from the sheer effort, the scene demonstrates just how much he has grown as a character since the start of "DBZ."

26. Piccolo takes out Cooler's henchmen

For most of the 1991 film "Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge," Goku is gravely injured after being shot in the back by Frieza's equally evil older brother. Gohan scrambles to get Senzu Beans to heal his father, only to be intercepted by Cooler's henchmen on the way back. Piccolo comes to the rescue to take on Cooler's three lieutenants, buying Gohan the window he needs to rush back to his father's side with the powerful healing items.

With Goku having become significantly stronger than Piccolo after unlocking the Super Saiyan transformation, the "Cooler's Revenge" centerpiece fight sequence serves as a reminder just how tough the Namekian hero is. Piccolo systematically takes out his opponents with decisively lethal swiftness, shrugging off most of their attacks before turning his attention to Cooler's right-hand man Salza. This heroic showcase for Piccolo is abruptly cut short when Cooler returns to the battlefield, easily taking out the Namekian before resuming his vendetta with Goku.

25. Goku inspires Gohan from beyond the grave

The 1993 film "Bojack Unbound" is set shortly after the Cell Games, with Goku having sacrificed his life to prevent the twisted Cell from destroying the Earth. In his absence, Gohan and the rest of the Z-Fighters participate in a martial arts tournament that is interrupted by the sinister Bojack and his private army. Bojack and his minions easily defeat the heroes, with Bojack personally defeating Vegeta and transforming into his final form before beginning to painfully crush Gohan.

Unable to bear watching his son being killed from the afterlife, Goku briefly teleports to Earth and frees Gohan before offering parting words of wisdom to remind him to tap into his fighting spirit. Encouraged by his father's advice, Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 and effortlessly kills Bojack's minions before destroying Bojack himself. Though a slight retread of the deceased Goku encouraging Gohan to destroy Cell during the Cell Games, his return in "Bojack Unbound" underscores that Goku's legacy lives on beyond his death.

24. Vegeta rescues Goku with an ominous warning

The most enduring rivalry in the "Dragon Ball" franchise is between Goku and Vegeta, with the latter resenting Goku for beating him and exceeding his combat strength despite being considered a lower class warrior in Saiyan society. Though Vegeta became a valuable ally during "DBZ," it began as more of an alliance of convenience against a common enemy while Vegeta still intended to defeat Goku in a rematch to reclaim his sense of honor. Vegeta's best entrance in the "DBZ" movies also serves as a clear reminder of his relationship with Goku at that time, working together but maintaining a fierce rivalry.

In the 1992 film "Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!" Goku is pinned against an iceberg by a massive energy blast from the eponymous robotic supervillain. The devastating attack is diverted by a separate energy blast and as Goku ponders who just saved him, the glacier behind him splits to reveal Vegeta entering the battle. Vegeta immediately makes it clear that the only reason he rescued his rival was to ensure that he could make good on his promise to kill Goku himself.

23. Goku unveils a powerful new finishing move

"Wrath of the Dragon" pits the Z-Fighters against an enemy like never before, with Hirudegarn towering over them at the size of a kaiju rather than being of a similar humanoid stature like most of their opponents. To complicate matters further, Hirudegarn is able to go intangible at a moment's notice, making it difficult for the heroes to land a solid hit on him. In order to destroy this unorthodox villain, Goku unveils a new technique that holds Hirudegarn in place before taking him down for good.

After fighting across a city, Goku decides to finish the fight against Hirudegarn himself and powers up to Super Saiyan 3. Realizing Hirudegarn has to maintain his tangible form to land his own attacks, Goku goads the monster into going on the offensive before striking him with his Dragon Fist technique. The attack has Goku take on the form of a golden dragon and burst through Hirudegarn's torso before binding and destroying him in a flash of light as the battle comes to a triumphant close.

22. Piccolo comedically infiltrates the Red Ribbon Army's headquarters

Piccolo finally gets a chance to stand center stage after years being relegated as a supporting character in the 2022 film "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero." As a resurgent Red Ribbon Army sets its sights on Capsule Corporation, its first target is Piccolo, who is ambushed at home by the cybernetic Gamma 2. Presumed dead, Piccolo seizes the opportunity to tail Gamma 2 back to the Red Ribbon Army's hidden headquarters and disguises himself as one of the soldiers to investigate the paramilitary organization's plans.

While struggling to blend in, Piccolo delivers a surprisingly comedic performance, with the soldiers around him completely oblivious to the fact that they have a spy in their midst. As Piccolo tries to maintain his cover while making stealthy phone calls to Bulma to alert her about what's transpiring, "Super Hero" effectively shows a new side to the stoic Namekian. Piccolo has often been depicted as more reserved and wise than his counterparts, but "Super Hero" demonstrates he can just as easily provide plenty of comic relief.

21. Gohan reminds Frieza exactly who he is

Frieza has become something of the face of all the "Dragon Ball" franchise's villains, resurfacing on multiple occasions since his initial death in "Dragon Ball Z" to menace the heroes again. One of Frieza's earliest returns came in the non-canonical 1995 movie "Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn," with Frieza and his fellow residents of Hell escaping to Earth. With Goku and Vegeta both dead at the time, it falls on Gohan and his friends to defend their home from the hordes of evil escapees.

As Gohan and the Z-Fighters take out several minor villains, Frieza leaps to the head of the undead army to formally announce his return. Unfazed, Gohan reveals his identity to the interstellar tyrant, pointing out he was the young boy Frieza fought years ago on Namek, now all grown-up, before leaping into action to fight Frieza himself. Landing a single punch right in Frieza's gut, Gohan makes the villain explode, with the rest of the army horrified by the sight and retreating en masse.

20. Cooler receives the same fate as his brother

As its title would suggest, "Cooler's Revenge" introduces Frieza's eponymous older brother, who sets out to avenge his sibling's untimely demise by killing Goku and his friends. After easily taking out the rest of the Z-Fighters, Cooler and Goku finally have their battle, with Goku surprising Cooler with his strength until Cooler unveils his own transformation. Goku matches this by turning into a Super Saiyan, overpowering Cooler until the frustrated villain launches an energy attack to overwhelm his opponent and destroy the planet.

Cooler's attack appears to be working according to plan, with Goku pinned to the ground as the energy blast works its way towards the Earth's core. However, Goku musters enough strength to fire a massive Kamehameha Wave that reflects Cooler's own attack directly at him, saving himself and the planet and sending Cooler into the sun. As he burns alive, Cooler realizes he'd had the chance to kill Goku decades ago as an infant while watching Frieza eradicate the Saiyans, ending his life with a cruel irony.

19. Vegeta debuts his Super Saiyan God transformation

Reimagined as a more sympathetic character than in his prior appearances, Broly makes his canonical debut in the aptly titled 2018 film "Dragon Ball Super: Broly." Broly and his father Paragus hold a longstanding grudge towards Vegeta's father for exiling them to the harsh planet of Vampa, making Vegeta Broly's first target upon arriving on Earth decades later. As the fight escalates, Vegeta realizes Broly is no mere Saiyan and unveils progressively more powerful transformations of his own in an effort to maintain the upper hand against him.

After fighting Broly as a Super Saiyan, Vegeta unveils his Super Saiyan God transformation, a red-haired form that is imbued with divine energy. The anime series "Dragon Ball Super" made references to Vegeta achieving that form before, while Vegeta briefly takes on the form while fighting against Goku Black in the manga series. "Broly," however, marks the first time Vegeta is seen as a Super Saiyan God on-screen, with the Saiyan Prince demonstrating a confident mastery of the transformation's combat potential.

18. Goku's body adjusts to godly power levels

2013's "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods" was the first feature-length "Dragon Ball" film since 1996, and was based on a story written by series creator Akira Toriyama. The movie introduces the concept of the Gods of Destruction, with these destroyers serving as the opposite to creator gods like the Supreme Kai. Intrigued after learning that a Saiyan was strong enough to defeat Frieza, the God of Destruction Beerus visits Earth and easily beats down the Z-Fighters before Goku fights him.

In order to match Beerus' awesome power, Goku conducts a ritual to receive energy from five other Saiyans, enabling him to transform into a Super Saiyan God for the first time. Even with this new form, the fight runs longer than anticipated and the transformation wears off, but Goku discovers his body has grown used to its power. This realization lets Goku fight Beerus even longer, with the fight allowing Goku to survive the cold vacuum of space as the battle escalates.

17. Gohan holds his own against Broly

The first time that Gohan fought Broly, he was just a boy and was unable to deliver any attacks that visibly affected the brutal Legendary Super Saiyan. The pair would get a rematch in 1994's "Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming," with Goku dead and Gohan now a man of his own. Sensing Broly's evil energy as the villain menaces Goten and Trunks on Earth, Gohan leaps to the rescue and shows just how far he has come since his last encounter with the enemy.

Even while Broly is transformed into a Super Saiyan, Gohan is more than capable of holding his own at his base state. Realizing that Gohan is a more viable threat than the two children he was attacking, Broly transforms into a Legendary Super Saiyan, prompting Gohan to transform into a Super Saiyan 2. Though Broly now overpowers Gohan, the young hero is still able to land some solid hits and tricks Broly into flying into a magma flow, temporarily incapacitating the villain.

16. Gohan and Piccolo reveal just how strong they've become

For much of "Super Hero," Piccolo is frustrated that Gohan neglects his responsibilities as a fighter and father in favor of his work. This changes when Gohan's daughter Pan is kidnapped by the Red Ribbon Army, with Gohan leaping back in action and joining Piccolo in facing the organization's robotic enforcers Gamma 1 and 2. Having been outmatched by Gamma 2 in an earlier skirmish, Piccolo receives a power boost from the Eternal Dragon and is ready to try out his newfound strength.

Piccolo surprises Gamma 2 with how much stronger he's become, and Gohan's fighting spirit reignites as he squares off against Gamma 1. Throughout his duel with the android, Gohan progresses from his base state to his ultimate Saiyan form unlocked by the Elder Kai during "DBZ." The fight sequence is a reminder of the close relationship between Gohan and Piccolo that showcases the two of them fighting side-by-side again.

15. The Z-Fighters buy Goku time for a Spirit Bomb

The 1990 film "Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might" had the Z-Fighters outmatched by the evil Turles, a Saiyan who looks just like Goku. Turles has planted a tree that sucks the life energy out of Earth to grow and produce fruit that will give those who eat it immense power. Eating a piece of the fruit, Turles became significantly stronger than Goku, with the desperate hero gathering life energy himself to create his powerful Spirit Bomb attack.

To buy Goku the time he needs, the Z-Fighters reassemble to attack Turles together, despite knowing that they are hopelessly outmatched. This trope is commonplace throughout the "Dragon Ball" franchise, but "Tree of Might" gives fans a chance to see more peripheral Z-Fighters in action one last time. From Chiaotzu to Yamcha, everyone has a role to play in the movie's battle, even if that means serving as a punching bag while Goku prepares his ultimate attack.

14. Trunks shows just how lethal he can be

"Bojack Unbound" is the final film to date to include Future Trunks, the adult son of Vegeta and Bulma from an alternate timeline. The movie gives Trunks plenty of fan-favorite moments, including a friendly duel against Tien and his own rival swordsman in the form of the villainous Kogu. Participating in a martial arts tournament, Trunks faces Kogu and quickly deduces that he is not a fellow contestant but an extraterrestrial invader out to kill him.

Facing off against Kogu in a field of blooming flowers, Trunks finds himself on the defensive as his cosmic opponent unveils a formidable combat transformation. With Trunks at his apparent mercy, Kogu prepares to finish off the young Super Saiyan with his sword only for Trunks to transform into an Ultra Super Saiyan. With this power boost, Trunks is able to shatter Kogu's sword with a well-timed block before punching through his foe's abdomen, killing him on the spot.

13. Goku reunites with his sons for an epic Kamehameha Wave

Without Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo, Gohan and his friends find themselves at a severe disadvantage when fighting against Broly in "Second Coming." Prior to their showdown with the Legendary Super Saiyan, Goten, Trunks, and Videl have gathered the Dragon Balls to be granted a wish from the Eternal Dragon Shenron. Without realizing the assembled Dragon Balls are near them, Gohan and Goten wish their late father could be there to help them defeat Broly while caught in a beam struggle with the villain.

The wish is audible enough for Goku to return from the afterlife, standing alongside his sons as he powers up to Super Saiyan and joins their shared Kamehameha Wave with his own. As Trunks momentarily distracts Broly, Goku encourages Gohan and Goten to unleash their full power to take advantage of the window of vulnerability. This strategy results in Broly being killed, with Goku returning to the afterlife before his sons have a chance to enjoy this happy reunion from beyond the grave.

12. Three Super Saiyans stand united

By the time "Super Android 13!" came around, Goku wasn't the only Super Saiyan in the "Dragon Ball" franchise, with Trunks and Vegeta both able to achieve this powerful upgrade. The 1992 movie shows the first time the three Super Saiyans join forces in the film series, battling against an unstoppable trio of killer androids. Unable to stop their cybernetic opponents at the base states, the three Saiyans each decide to unveil their Super Saiyan transformations at the same relative time to gain the advantage.

With a fierce roar, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goku each transform, with a display so brilliant that it gives each of the androids pause. Both Vegeta and Trunks are able to put their enemies on the defensive while Goku effectively closes the power gap between himself and Android 13. In this moment the true fight begins, as the Saiyans are done warming up, now pulling out all the stops to triumph over their foes.

11. Goku unleashes the power of the Kaio-Ken technique

The 1990 movie "Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest" is the first in which Goku can perform the Kaio-Ken technique, an ability learned from King Kai that allows Goku to temporarily boost his power. This new move comes in handy during the events of the film, with the evil Doctor Wheelo kidnapping Bulma and Master Roshi, luring Goku to his arctic base to steal his body for himself. Serving as Wheelo's enforcers are a trio of formidable bio-men, Kishime, Ebifurya, and Misokatsun, who face Goku in a heated brawl.

After destroying Misokatsun, Goku is frozen in a block of ice by Ebifurya while his enemies focus on Gohan and Krillin. Rather than stand by the sidelines helplessly, Goku bursts from the ice through use of the Kaio-Ken technique and engages Ebifurya and Kishime together in a fierce skirmish. After a furious flurry of kicks and punches, Goku dispatches both of his synthetic opponents in short order before turning his attention to Wheelo.

10. Gogeta fights Broly with enough intensity to shatter reality

"Broly" not only marks the canonical debut of the eponymous Legendary Super Saiyan and his father Paragus but also Gogeta, the composite warrior formed by Goku and Vegeta through the Fusion Dance. Unable to defeat Broly in their individual forms, Vegeta agrees to fuse with Goku after overcoming his misgivings about the elaborate dance to facilitate the temporary joining. The resulting fusion refers to himself as Gogeta and is able to match Broly blow-for-blow once he transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue.

With Broly and Gogeta emitting so much raw power as they collide, the fabric of reality itself is visibly affected by the sheer intensity of their attacks. After one particularly harrowing attack, Gogeta and Broly briefly are thrust into a psychedelic space between dimensions, with Gogeta confused by what is transpiring. Though only lasting a matter of seconds, the scene demonstrates just how incredibly two powerful the two warriors are, affecting the space around them on a cosmic level.

9. Gohan uses Piccolo's signature move to stop Cell Max

Before he trained under his father, Gohan's first martial arts mentor was Piccolo, with the stern Namekian preparing him for a showdown against Vegeta and Nappa. Gohan has shown his respect and gratitude towards Piccolo's tutelage on multiple occasions, including wearing Piccolo's weighted gear and being able to perform Piccolo's Masenko attack. Despite not actively keeping up with his training as he progresses into fatherhood and a professional career, Gohan takes his appreciation to a new level in "Super Hero."

As the heroes confront the colossal Cell Max, Gohan powers up an attack to destroy the gargantuan villain's weak spot at the top of his head. However, rather than relying on his father's Kamehameha Wave to finish off the villain, Gohan uses Piccolo's signature attack, the Special Beam Cannon, instead. When asked by Piccolo how he learned the technique, Gohan sheepishly admits that he has been practicing the attack for sometime in private, underscoring his unspoken respect for his mentor.

8. Vegeta attacks Beerus to defend his wife

Having seen his father submit to the will of Beerus when he was just a child, Vegeta knows to exercise total humility when the God of Destruction visits Earth. Beerus' arrival unfortunately coincides with Bulma's birthday celebration, inconveniencing Vegeta's wife on her big day as the unwanted guest is placated. Things finally come to a head when Bulma confronts and slaps Beerus for ruining her party, resulting in the deadly god slapping her right back.

Watching Bulma get struck proves to be the last straw for Vegeta, who angrily powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and attacks Beerus with all of his might. As Vegeta lands an onslaught of punches and kicks on Beerus, Roshi estimates that Vegeta's rage may have made him even stronger than Goku. Though Beerus quickly turns the tables on the Saiyan Prince, the outburst reveals how much Vegeta truly cares for Bulma, despite his usual mode of sullenly avoiding any expression of emotion.

7. Goku defeats all of Turles' henchmen

Goku has often been leagues ahead of the rest of the Z-Fighters in terms of raw combat strength, but this disparity is showcased in "The Tree of Might." For much of the film, the Z-Fighters are barely able to land a decent hit on any of the evil Turles' henchmen, struggling just to stay standing. This changes when Goku turns his attention to the interstellar villains, ready to decisively end the fight before confronting Turles himself.

After each of the Z-Fighters falls, Turles' troops return to gang up on Goku, with the heroic Saiyan unfazed by being completely outnumbered. The five enemies attack Goku in unison, with the young warrior able to avoid their incoming attacks before taking out each of them with a single blow. With the henchmen so quickly and easily dispatched, Turles realizes he's in for the fight of his life against Goku as "The Tree of Might" reaches its explosive climax.

6. Broly shrugs off the Z-Fighters attacks

Broly makes his debut in the non-canonical 1993 film "Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan," with the Z-Fighters investigating the eponymous villain's recent swath of destruction off-world. Controlled by his father for the first half of the film, the device keeping Broly restrained is broken when Broly is driven into a blind fury at the sight of Goku. This results in Broly unleashing his full power as he transforms into a Legendary Super Saiyan, with Vegeta being paralyzed in terror just from witnessing this.

The Saiyan Prince's fears quickly prove to be well-founded as the rest of the Z-Fighters are unable to even slow Broly down as they confront him with their own Super Saiyan forms. The battle begins in the ruins of an abandoned city, with Goku, Trunks, Gohan, and Piccolo all attacking Broly in unison but visibly without effect on their unrelenting foe. The idea of Broly being an unstoppable force personified is something that would become a hallmark for the character, starting with this sequence.

5. Goku and Vegeta destroy a Metal Cooler together

For a time, Goku believes he has definitively killed Cooler, but Frieza's brother returns more powerful than before in the 1992 sequel "Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler." Reborn in a completely metal body capable of analyzing and actively improving upon flaws in his design, Cooler overpowers Goku in a harrowing battle. Fortunately, Vegeta arrives in the nick of time and unveils his own Super Saiyan transformation, though he similarly proves outmatched when battling Metal Cooler on his own.

Despite his rivalry with Goku, Vegeta agrees to work with his fellow Super Saiyan to take Metal Cooler down together in a last-ditch attack. The strategy is successful, with the joint charge bursting through Cooler and Vegeta unleashing a barrage of energy attacks to prevent the robotic villain from repairing himself. This newly forged partnership is quickly tested, however, when an entire army of Metal Coolers attack the two Super Saiyans, with an exhausted Goku and Vegeta charging together into battle.

4. Vegeta and Trunks defeat their robotic opponents

Though Vegeta and Trunks each bring their respective Super Saiyan power to the fight against Androids 14 and 15 in "Super Android 13!," their battles are far from easy. Backed up by live analysis from the villainous Doctor Gero's supercomputer, the two androids were more than able to keep up with their Saiyan opponents. Frustrated, Vegeta and Trunks pull out all the stops and destroy the cybernetic enemies almost simultaneously as they brawl on a large glacier.

After exchanging a flurry of blows, Vegeta and Android 15 charge each other, with Vegeta succeeding in knocking the robot's head clean off. On the other end of the glacier, Trunks and Android 14 collide with one another, with the time-traveling Saiyan cutting the android in half with his sword. The two victories are hard-earned, but appear to give the Z-Fighters an edge before Android 13 reveals his trump card to set the movie's climax into motion.

3. Vegeta attacks Frieza as a Super Saiyan Blue

The only person who holds a deeper grudge against Frieza than Goku is Vegeta, who was raised by the dictator after Frieza personally destroyed the Saiyan home planet while Vegeta and Goku were off-world. Though Frieza easily defeated Vegeta on Namek during the "Dragon Ball Z" anime series, Vegeta finally gets his chance for a rematch in the 2015 film "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F." Though the villain has been resurrected significantly stronger than before, the Saiyan Prince has some surprises of his own waiting for his old enemy.

"Resurrection F" marks the introduction of the Super Saiyan Blue transformation, and though Goku unveils the form first, he finds himself at Frieza's mercy when he is shot by a sniper. Frieza offers Vegeta the chance to rejoin his army in exchange for finishing off Goku, only for the Saiyan Prince to transform into a Super Saiyan Blue and beat Frieza within an inch of his life. For Vegeta, this payback to his lifelong tormentor and would-be eradicator of his people has been a long time coming, lending an overwhelming satisfaction to watching Frieza face the brunt of the Saiyan's wrath.

2. Goku unleashes Super Saiyan 3 on Janemba

As both Goku and Vegeta are dead during the movie "Fusion Reborn," it's up to the two spectral Saiyans to bring order back to Hell when the villainous Janemba is formed and plunges the afterlife into chaos. Goku initially takes on Janemba alone and discovers that, despite the monster's first form appearing innocent, it is deceptively deadly. Determined to finish the fight, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3 with a display of power so incredible that the sound from the process reverberates through the afterlife.

Goku seemingly defeats Janemba in his opening assault, only for his demonic opponent to transform into a more powerful form himself. Possessing the ability to rewrite the rules of matter at will, Janemba evades Goku's most devastating attacks and puts the Super Saiyan 3 on the defensive. One of the most tightly constructed fight sequences in the "DBZ" movies, Goku and Janemba's duel is easily the high point of "Fusion Reborn."

1. Goku steps in for Vegeta to fight Broly

While Vegeta is the first person to fight Broly in the character's canonical debut during the "Dragon Ball Super" era, it's Goku who steps in and elevates the action sequence to a whole new level. Growing impatient that he won't get a chance to test his might against the Legendary Super Saiyan, Goku steps in to take his own shot against Broly. After a quick stretch to prepare for the showdown, Goku takes on Broly in a battle that sees him evolve from his base state and initial Super Saiyan form to Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue as the stakes progressively escalate.

Boasting some tight choreography and a section of the fight depicted in first-person from Broly's perspective, this centerpiece fight sequence in "Broly" represents "Dragon Ball" at its best. The sequence is energized by a rousing score, hyped up by a fight announcer mixed into the music, as Goku and Broly clash. This duel proves that there's plenty of life in the venerable "Dragon Ball" franchise, and hews to the core of what has made the property such a fan favorite for decades.