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38% Of Fans Think This Impractical Jokers Prank Went Too Far - Looper Survey

"Impractical Jokers" is known for putting its iconic comedians in less-than-ideal situations. Viewers can't get enough of seeing the Jokers be thrown headfirst into the most uncomfortable situations, and the Jokers know it. The show has seen massive success from putting its four friends in these experiences, spanning 10 seasons, over 200 episodes, and one movie.

Although Joe Gatto's departure from the series left Sal, Murray, and Q to dish out embarrassing punishments between them, the trio is still going strong. Gatto was known for never shying away from even the most cringe-inducing punishments, and the Jokers have had plenty of them.

Sometimes "Impractical Jokers" just went too far. The show has had plenty of moments that left the Jokers shaken up or in physical danger from unsuspecting bystanders. Gatto once stole baseballs from children during a New York Mets game, understandably angering parents. A man nearly fought Sal after the Jokers made Vulcano throw chicken at the man. A prank-gone-wrong left Murr running from a large man after the Joker annoyed him so much. Still, none of these moments were as bad as a certain punishment the Jokers forced upon Q.

Looper surveyed over 600 of our readers, and they think this one moment, without a doubt, was the hardest to watch.

Painting over children's artwork was tough to watch

One of the show's hardest-to-watch moments was when the Jokers forced Q to mark a red X on a bunch of children's artwork. 38% of the Looper audience agreed that this scene went way too far. Other punishments that were in consideration were Joe stealing baseballs, Sal watching adult films in public, and Murr's skydiving incident.

The moment comes from Season 6, Episode 7, "X Man," and features the Jokers leading a 'mommy and me' art class. Sal, Murr, and Joe all put on excellent performances offering kids loose candies, taking awkward phone calls, and getting their heads stuck in a fridge. However, once Q's turn comes around, the comedian refuses to mark one kid's art with a giant red X. Refusing to do what the other Jokers tell him means that Q loses the challenge. As punishment, the Jokers force him to mark all the kids' artwork with a red X.

What ensues is one of the hardest-to-watch moments from the show as Q wrestles his inner demons to work up the courage to reject all the kids' work. Q eventually goes through with the punishment, painting an X on every child's and mom's art. Following the challenge, the producer of "Impractical Jokers" gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at a shaken-up Q. "Dude, that was the worst. I feel like, I literally feel like I'm gonna throw up right now," Q said afterward.

Thankfully, the producers revealed to the mothers and children that they were a part of "Impractical Jokers" and offered them an actual art class and some art supplies.