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The Full House Actress Who Played A Tribianni On Friends

They took place on completely different sides of the United States, but that doesn't mean there's no overlap between the worlds of the classic family sitcom "Full House" and the classic singles sitcom "Friends." It's kind of weird to think about this now, but the two were even on the air at the same time for a brief period, as "Full House" aired its finale in 1995, the year after the premiere of "Friends."

There's even at least one example of an iconic "Full House" performer who made her way over to New York City (or at least the Los Angeles soundstage that stands in for it) to play one of Joey Tribianni's (Matt LeBlanc) sisters on an episode of "Friends."

Fans of both "Full House" and "Friends" should be interested to see one of the former's fan-favorite characters (who went on to return to the series sequel "Fuller House" on Netflix), playing a Tribianni sister on the latter show.

Marla Sokoloff played Joey's sister Dina on one Friends episode

If you were a regular viewer of "Full House," you undoubtedly remember Marla Sokoloff as D.J. Tanner's (Candace Cameron) cool friend Gia, who usually spelled trouble in one way or another for D.J. Sokoloff's IMDb page indicates that she appeared in just nine episodes of "Full House," but she was enough of a memorable presence to be brought back for 11 episodes of "Fuller House" on Netflix. And in between, she made an appearance on one episode of "Friends" as one Dina Tribianni — the Season 8 classic "The One with Monica's Boots."

With two '90s classics like "Full House" and "Friends" on her list of credits, it's no surprise that Sokoloff has been asked about what it was like being on both shows. She spoke a bit on the subject in a video interview with Entertainment Weekly. She admitted that despite its family-friendly nature, there was some "raunch stuff behind the scenes" at "Full House," which may come as a surprise if you compare the show's content to the much more adult-oriented "Friends." And Sokoloff also cites "Friends" as the show she'd most like to be involved with if it ever got a modern-day reboot. So perhaps, someday in the future, if a revival of "Friends" ever hits the airwaves, Sokoloff might be able to appear in it and complete the chain started in the '90s by overlapping both "Friends 2.0" and "Fuller House."