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The Terrifying Injury Norman Hansen Suffered While On Deadliest Catch

An argument could be made that tuning in to watch Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" is comparable to NASCAR fans checking out a race. Both fans get to watch some good entertainment, which is in addition to experiencing the added layer of knowing something could go wrong at any moment. And just like the race car drivers, the brave crab fisherman who earn a living by trekking through the treacherous Bering Sea are well aware that the risk of injury or even death just goes along with the territory.

It's no surprise that, with over 300 episodes in the can, "Deadliest Catch" has provided nervous fans with plenty of cringe-worthy injuries throughout the years. Unpredictable waves, weather, and out-of-control 700-pound crab pots are just a few factors that have led these fishermen to experience anything from crushed body parts to actually falling overboard. 

For captains of these ships, the pressure of catching enough crab to make quota in order to satisfy their own, as well as the crew's financial requirements, is enough to make your head spin. The extra layer of keeping your crew safe and free from injuries is a whole other level of concern. And for some captains, like Sig Hansen, having their own family members in harm's way must be almost too much to bear.

Norman Hansen's injury lead to a seizure

Combining the drive and motivation to catch thousands of pounds of elusive crab in one of the most dangerous bodies of water, along with the responsibility of keeping your crew as safe as possible, is a job only the most elite boat captains can take on. According to Discovery, Sig Hansen started his journey toward this unique gig when he began fishing at age 14. His dedication to the fishing business led him all the way to the captain's chair of one of the boats featured on "Deadliest Catch," the Northwestern.

In 2020, Sig had his own brother, Norman Hansen, as a Northwestern deckhand. Fans were rattled while watching Season 15, Episode 7 ("Winter is Here") when Norman suffered a dangerous injury. Distractify reports that what makes this boat injury so unique is that it occurs while the vessel is docked. While captain Sig is up in his quarters, Norman slips, badly hitting his head on the way down. This led to fans witnessing a shocking emergency situation unfold on camera.

Within moments, Sig Hansen rushes to the scene to check on Norman's status. He's shocked to find his brother on the floor, clearly in need of medical assistance. Another deckhand, who witnessed the incident, saw Norman experience a seizure while his skin turned blue. Sig's reaction to the situation clearly shows his worry and panic, as he's unsure if his brother is going to be OK. 

Thankfully, Distractify updates fans that Norman luckily did not experience any injury to his brain. And at the end of the episode, Sig hears this good news and feels confident enough to leave his brother in the hands of the doctors, and sets off for another crab bounty.