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Ocean's 8 Trailer Sees Sandra Bullock Get A Team Together

The best part of any heist movie is getting the team together—and on that front, the first trailer for Ocean's 8 delivers.

The trailer introduces viewers to Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, sister to the (evidently) late Danny Ocean, who was played by George Clooney in Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen. Like the first movie in that series, this one sees the Ocean sibling getting out of prison on parole, only to immediately set out on a mission to pay some bills, and do what she does best—thievery.

The trailer sets up the premise of the sequel/sidestory, establishing the parameters of the heist and introducing us to the scattered members of Debbie's diverse team. Instead of Las Vegas casinos, they're robbing the New York City Met Gala. Their target? The $150 million set of jewels around the neck of Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway). 

At the same time, Debbie will be pulling a total Danny Ocean move and using the heist for personal reasons, to get some sort of revenge against a figure from her past. 

In addition to Bullock and Hathaway, the movie stars Cate Blanchett as Lou, Mindy Kaling as Amita, Sarah Paulson as Tammy, Awkwafina as Constance, Rihanna as Nine Ball, and Helena Bonham Carter as Rose.

Curiously, with Hathaway's character being the ostensible target of this heist, only seven of the main stars appear to be part of Sandra Bullock's den of thieves. And Ocean's Seven sort of flies off the tongue quicker than Ocean's 8, doesn't it? So what gives? Is Anne Hathaway the man on the inside? We're just asking questions. Usually, all is not as it appears in these twisty-turny caper movies—that's what makes them so fun.

Ocean's 8 is directed by The Hunger Games' Gary Ross, with a script cowritten with Olivia Milch. Steven Soderbergh, who directed the last three movies in the series, is producing. The movie, it should be noted, is a continuation of the Soderbergh series, and not a reboot, with at least two characters from the first squad making cameo appearances in this go-around. 

Ocean's 8 sneaks into theaters on June 8, 2018.