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Cobra Kai's Peyton List Gets Real About Working With Courtney Henggeler

"Cobra Kai" has managed to bring a long-dormant franchise back in a very big way. Recentering the narrative around an old villain has evidently been a smart move for Netflix, as the series has brought in some pretty impressive viewership numbers for the streaming giant (via Deadline). The Netflix series takes place in the world of "The Karate Kid" franchise and sees two of its central characters Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), going from student to master as they open rival dojos and train new fighters using their own unique teaching styles.

As the series goes on, plenty of new and returning cast members pop up in "Cobra Kai," but Courtney Henggeler has been there since the beginning as Amanda LaRusso. While Peyton List joined the series as Tory Nichols in Season 2, it wasn't until Season 4 that a fun dynamic began to evolve between the two characters and performers.

Peyton List loves Courtney Henggeler's realness and energy

Peyton List sat down with Collider to talk about her experiences with "Cobra Kai," and, naturally, the relationship between Tory and Amanda came up in the conversation. When asked what made doing scenes with Courtney Henggeler unique, List was quick to gush about working with her as their storyline evolved.

"I think Courtney has a great sense of humor and, I mean, obviously she brings that into Amanda," List said. "But I think her energy and her realness; I think Tory keeps it real a lot of the time and keeps it pretty honest, but I think Amanda does too," the actor went on to explain. The way that the dynamic shifts between the two characters from adversarial to something more akin to a mentor and her protege is certainly an exciting development for "Cobra Kai," and it's these constantly shifting relationships between the growing cast of the series that help to keep things fresh, even after five seasons.

"I think Courtney just brings like a great energy to the scenes and to the characters, and she always makes me laugh in between scenes," List went on. "She's just a badass; she's a really cool woman." Well, it sounds like the understanding that Tory and Amanda have found in "Cobra Kai" has trickled into the real world as well. Hopefully, List and Henggeler will have more scenes together to come as the series continues with Season 6.