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Rent-A-Girlfriend Fans Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief About The Anime's Future

The harem anime genre, when done well, reveals important lessons and truths for the character seeking love and companionship in all the wrong ways. The genre is growing to match diverse storylines with more and more female-centric harem stories (or "reverse harem" anime) coming out, such as "Ouran High School Host Club." One of the male-centered harem animes that strikes all the right notes is "Rent-A-Girlfriend," which centers on lonely high school student Kazuya Kinoshita (Shun Horie), who rents Chizuru Mizuhara (Sora Amamiya) through an online dating app before realizing that he has nothing in common with her beyond attraction. He comes to realize that forming a bond with Chizuru is more important than empty vanity, but not before a series of mishaps with other rental girlfriends fill each hilarious episode.

As a romantic comedy, "Rent-A-Girlfriend" is witty, farcical, and always endearing, even when it explores a heavy theme like heartbreak. The anime has now run for two seasons, and the series has a rating of over 4 out of 5 on its Crunchyroll user review page. With Season 2 nearing its end, fans have some good news to celebrate when it comes to the show's future.

Season 3 of Rent-A-Girlfriend has been given the green light

"Rent-A-Girlfriend" will have a Season 3 and the production on the new episodes is officially underway (via Crunchyroll). Season 2 of the series is still airing, so this will be welcome news for fans who want the story of Kazuya and Chizuru to continue. The streamer also reported that more information about the upcoming season would be announced at a special event next March. It is likely at this point that we will find out further information on what will unfold in the upcoming season and what volumes of Reiji Miyajima's original manga will be adapted for the anime.

Fans of the series have let their opinions be known about the recent announcement, with Redditor u/h_hue commenting, "Best news. GOATed show. This anime defines modern anime romance." But the reception to Season 3 has also received mixed reactions from some who find the continuing character arcs to be frustrating. Redditor u/etherend replied, "Yesss, I mean nooooo, maybe? Ugh, I just wish the MC [main character] would actually grow as a character. Also, it just doesn't make any sense why all these girls are so hung up on him, especially Ruka." Like Miyajima's manga, the show keeps us guessing where the relationship dynamics of the characters will go, and some of these hopes could very well be explored in the next installment.