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HoYoverse Just Dropped The Best Anime News For Genshin Impact Fans

"Genshin Impact" has emerged as one of the biggest and most successful free-to-play games on the market (via Sensor Tower). The MMORPG boasts a massive userbase, and with the world of Teyvat constantly being expanded with new realms to explore and quests to undertake, HoYoverse's colorful adventure is the kind of game that players can dive into indefinitely.

Following The Traveler, a terrestrial being who crashes down to the world of Teyvat after an encounter with a mythical god, "Genshin Impact" sees them seeking to reunite with their lost sibling and battling across the lands of Mondstadt in hopes of doing so. As they learn about their strange new world, they are joined by a whole host of party members who they can switch between on the fly during battle. Though the world of "Genshin Impact" is constantly growing outward, the next realm that the action RPG will be evolving into might not be the one that fans would expect.

Genshin Impact is going to be an anime series

On the "Genshin Impact" Twitter page, HoYoverse has announced that the game will be adapted into an anime series. The show will be a collaboration between HoYoverse and animation studio Ufotable, which is already very good news for fans. Even casual anime viewers will be familiar with the massive success of Ufotable's adaptation of the "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" manga, and part of the popularity of that series has come on the back of the incredible quality of animation that it boasts.

Though the trailer that was released was more of a proof of concept than a proper teaser, it did show some of the gorgeous animation that will no doubt be an inherent part of the "Genshin Impact" anime. How the story will be told in a serialized format, though, remains something of a mystery. Players choose which sibling they want to control at the start of the game, and their sibling then disappears. Since both characters appear central to the trailer, this suggests the anime might change the plot slightly to keep both The Traveler and their sibling together.

Either way, since Ufotable has already adapted other video games like "Tales of Zestiria the X" and God Eater," it would seem that "Genshin Impact" is probably in safe hands at the studio.