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Jesse Spencer Reflects On One Of His Favorite Chicago Fire Episodes

Jesse Spencer's departure from "Chicago Fire" was a devastating blow to the fandom, as the OG cast member was a fan favorite since day one. The series has not been the same since Matt Casey left for Oregon to raise the Darden boys, but here's hoping he returns in a few years.

Before he officially departed his full-time role in the 200th episode, he and the other "Chicago Fire" stars talked about their length 10-season history on the show. Spencer noted that he forgot so many things that he had filmed over the last decade, but he never forgot the wild weather that comes with living in Chicago. From the low lows in the winter to the high highs in the spring and summer, Spencer said he wasn't sure he could last more than a year. Additionally, the Aussie actor said it was just fun to ride around in firetrucks all day and to wave back at the kids who were excited to see them.

Spencer also discussed a favorite episode of his, but despite his best guess, he completely whiffed on guessing which season it occurred.

Jesse Spencer loves the episode with the chemical spill

In the 200th episode celebration interview, Jesse Spencer reveals one of his favorite episodes to be "Nobody Else Is Dying Today," where Casey has one of his closest brushes with death. Spencer said he thought the episode was from Season 3, but it's actually the fourth episode of Season 5. "It was just a really fun episode for me," Spencer said. "There were so many techno effects and fire and sparks and chemical spills, and I think I had to bust my way out of a cinderblock wall with a fire hydrant."

Spencer also said he insisted they use a real cinderblock wall instead of a softer prop wall made to look like heavy-duty material. "I'll never ask for the real thing ever again. That was a bad move," the actor said while laughing. He also said he enjoyed that episode because it was a great side storyline for Casey, and he loved how the character had to become like MacGyver to get out of the trapped room.

Casey is victorious, as always, in "Nobody Else is Dying Today" when he saves a man in medical distress, that man's daughter, and himself from a room with no window or ways to escape. A chemical spill in the adjacent room threatens their life by the second, but Casey's quick thinking and creative mind get them out just in the nick of time.