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Family Guy Fans Think This Scene Is Underrated Because Of A Very Rare Occurrence

On the air for over two decades, "Family Guy" can be seen as one of the pioneer shows helping usher in the adult-themed animated series we see on TV today. Riding the public-interest wave shortly behind "The Simpsons" and "South Park," series of the 90s like "King of the Hill" and "Family Guy" gave viewers (over 18 years old) a reason to watch cartoons again. "Family Guy" even taught Hollywood what true fan dedication is all about by resurrecting the series from cancellation with some good old-fashioned popular demand.

Over the years, "Family Guy" has gifted fans plenty of memorable scenes. These gems can be a hilarious flashback, cut-to, or a real-life-like conversation between the characters. An example of the latter comes from Season 4, Episode 27 ("Untitled Griffin Family History") when the Griffin family finds themselves trapped in a flooding room. This, obviously, is a perfect time for Peter to reminisce about the Griffin family tree history. Online discussions amongst fans show their appreciation for the scene, in which Peter expresses his shocking dislike for the classic movie "The Godfather."

However, this back-and-forth cinema debate between the family, as fans point out, is not only significant because of how humorous this random conversation is, but more specifically for an unprecedented moment. One moment that may only stand out for the most dedicated fans watching. It's a simple statement from Lois, responding to Stewie, that goes against the realities the series had, up until then, established.

a voice no longer falling on deaf ears

In this episode of "Family Guy," while the Griffin family is trapped in a flooding room, Peter decides to suddenly express his dislike of the classic film "The Godfather." Although the back-and-forth banter between him and the other shocked family members (who all think he's out of his mind for this opinion) is hilarious, it's the fact that Lois acknowledges little Stewie Griffin talking that gets fans buzzing. 

Normally ignored or taken as baby talk, this acknowledgment implies Lois understood what he said. It's this very moment that got online discussions going. And most of them were positive reactions to not only Lois hearing Stewie but also to the quality of the scene itself. On Reddit, U/southste5 is the first to point out this surprising moment with, "Rare scene where Lois understands Stewie." U/JDblastah was quick to chime in, "That's what I was going to say: "Did Lois understand Stewie just now!?" These weren't the only "Family Guy" enthusiasts to pick out this moment as a chat brought up by u/EverybodyLies on FanPop posted, "There's a scene where they're discussing the film "The Godfather." Stewie says something, and Lois specifically says, "I agree with Stewie."'

With there being so many episodes airing since this early-on one, the writers of the show have now stepped into the gray area of hearing Stewie speak multiple times. However, with this scene, the moment was not only undeniable but the first of its kind. One other fact can be clearly confirmed within this scene, as well: Besides Peter, the Griffin family is pretty passionate about "The Godfather." So much so that they don't even acknowledge their baby speaks!