The Spin-Off That Harley Quinn Writer Sarah Peters Really Wanted To Happen

Whether through comic books, film, or television, DC Comics' Harley Quinn character has proven herself to be one of the company's most popular outside of a certain caped crusader. HBO Max's "Harley Quinn" series has helped Harley explode even more in popularity with fans. That's primarily because each season of the animated comedy has delivered both in terms of witty humor and sharp character development of Harley, Poison Ivy, and a host of other well-known Batman rogues. Season 3 has already wrapped up, leaving Gotham City in a strange state we can't wait to see further explored in the future.

Fortunately, the creative team of "Harley Quinn" is already looking ahead, with the series officially renewed for Season 4. (via Variety). The news of a new season is excellent on its own, but fans will be able to gorge on an animated Gotham buffet with a side of Kite Man, thanks to the upcoming spin-off centered on the beloved villain. Tentatively titled "Noonan's," the spin-off explores Kite Man trying to run a bar that's basically "Cheers" for Gotham's evil folks. Kite Man getting his spin-off series makes sense considering the character gave "Harley Quinn" some of its funniest scenes. But according to writer Sarah Peters, there was another memorable bit from the show that also deserved the spin-off treatment.

Peters would have loved for the Cobb Squad to shine

In the Season 2 episode, "Catwoman," Harley and Ivy have to enlist the services of Gotham's most extraordinary cat burglar, Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. During a lunch meeting between the three, Catwoman orders cobb salads for all of them, which, in a rare kowtowing moment for Ivy, leads her to dub the group the Cobb Squad. Thematically, the scene is a hilarious way of switching familiar character traits between Ivy and Harley. Still, the Cobb Squad survives beyond the scene, later becoming an actual group that also adds Nora Freeze and Ivy's childhood friend Jennifer to the mix. "Harley Quinn" has repeatedly called back to the Cobb Squad. For instance, the group serves as bridesmaids for Ivy's wedding to Kite Man in "Something Borrowed, Something Green." And in the episode "Bachelorette," Ivy displays her hardcore dedication to the team by getting a Cobb Squad tattoo.

As "Harley Quinn" writer Sarah Peters noted to Indie Wire, she's proud that the scene has grown into a joke the show has often referenced. It's probably to the point that the Cobb Squad also deserve their own show at this point. "It's just super funny to me that we can do something that's totally random but also character-driven and that it can spiral and have this life of its own, Peters told the outlet. "I really wanted the spin-off to be a Cobb Squad show, but maybe I'll get to write that movie someday."

Peters and co-writer Patrick Schumacker continued to joke about a David Ayers or James Gunn-directed movie on the Cobb Squad in the interview. That scenario may just be unlikely for now, but at the very least, we should get to see the Cobb Squad band together again sometime in Season 4.