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Blonde's Ana De Armas Finally Addresses Criticisms Of Her Portrayal Of Marilyn Monroe

When it comes to pop culture icons of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe is a quintessential part of the fabric of instantly recognizable personalities. Her appearance and demeanor enraptured movie audiences for just over a decade before her tragic death in 1962. Along with perhaps Princess Diana, the Hollywood megastar shared a vaulted recognition status where only her first name was needed to instantly know the famous person being mentioned in a discussion. Monroe's meteoric rise to fame in what would become an all too short life has been written about and recreated on screen countless times in the 60 years since her passing. But very few biographical dramas have been bold enough to tell her story authentically.

This is expected to change with Netflix's "Blonde," an NC-17-rated, in-depth, dramatic recreation of her life starring Ana de Armas as the late actress. Any major film that tackles the subject of a cherished individual in the public imagination is sure to be both fascinating and polarizing (per Vanity Fair). The actress at the center of this reckoning for authenticity has received criticism for her portrayal and has finally addressed some of it.

Ana de Armas says she knew Blonde would be controversial

According to a "Blonde" press event that Looper attended, Ana de Armas was asked about some of the criticism leveled at her performance. She replied, "I mean, I don't necessarily agree with that. Personally, I think the movie is actually being critical of other things in the [film] industry. I mean, I don't know what to say. We knew this film was going to be polarizing and controversial, and it is an uncomfortable movie to watch, but, I feel that actually in fact it would add something good to [Marilyn Monroe's] legacy because it is not good for anyone to live with that kind of pressure." The actress' revelation that expectations for a mixed critical response were known before filming began is a testament to maintaining an authentic approach to the human being inside of the idol, as well as an example of overcoming her own external pressures.

Ana de Armas's acting in "Blonde" is receiving strong critical praise despite many neutral reviews when it comes to the movie itself (via CNN). The film's NC-17 rating is a clear reminder that some of the biopic's scenes are quite brutal and as the actress pointed out, are uncomfortable to watch. But some of Monroe's life, and certainly the circumstances surrounding her death, have never been pleasant.

Viewers can find out for themselves as "Blonde" opens in limited release Friday (NYC only), select markets on September 23, and premieres on Netflix on September 28.