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Star Wars: The Acolyte Ups The Intrigue By Adding Your Favorite Star From The Good Place

"The Acolyte," the latest live-action "Star Wars" series, is rounding its cast with a fan favorite star from "The Good Place." Created by "Russian Doll" co-creator Leslye Headland, "The Acolyte" is set to be the first live-action "Star Wars" series set during the High Republic era, some 200 years before "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (via The Wrap). Details are slim on the Disney+ "Star Wars" show, though Headland has discussed how the series is a mystery and will depict the Renaissance era of "Star Wars," which includes technological and societal advancements that decay following the rise of the Sith and the Empire.

"The further you go back, the better things are. 'A long time ago; actually becomes more futuristic," Headland discussed in an interview with Vanity Fair. "So while we are creating this type of world, we're trying to carry George's concept that the further you go back, the more exciting and new and sleek and interesting things look." Concrete narrative threads are non-existent, but the series has already cast its lead. Best known for starring in "The Hunger Games," Lucasfilm has tapped Amandla Stenberg to headline the "Star Wars" series. Joining Stenberg is "Squid Game" breakout star Lee Jung-Jae (via Deadline), who recently nabbed his first Emmy for the Netflix juggernaut. Though it's unclear if Jung-Jae and Stenberg will be friends or foes in the war between the Jedi and Sith, they'll have to get ready to deal with one of the inductees from "The Good Place."

Jason from The Good Place is joining The Acolyte

From Jacksonville, Florida, to a galaxy far, far away, Deadline reports that Manny Jacinto of "The Good Place" will be joining the "Star Wars" series. The Michael Shur-created NBC comedy served as the breakout role for Jacinto, who played Jason Mendoza, an absent-minded Floridian who accidentally ends up in heaven alongside a colorful cast of characters. Vulture praised Jacinto for adding levity to a character that stereotypically comes off as dumb, saying the star's "portrayal of the character is so sweet and energetic that he never seems one-dimensional."

After "The Good Place" called it curtains in early 2020, Jacinto briefly appeared in "Top Gun: Maverick" as an esteemed fighter pilot vying to join Maverick's (Tom Cruise) team. On the television front, Jacinto was in Hulu's "Nine Perfect Strangers" miniseries, where he appeared as Yao, an employee at a wellness resort who works under the owner Masha (Nicole Kidman). Details on "The Good Place" star's "Acolyte" character are non-existent, though it's hard not to imagine Jacinto as a Jedi in the upcoming Disney+ series. For now, "Star Wars" fans will have to wait to see what exactly creator Leslye Headland has planned for the High Republic-era story.