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Lisa Kelly Reveals Which Ice Road Truckers Experience Was Even Worse Than It Looked

"Ice Road Truckers" has been an incredibly popular show for the History Channel (via Parrot Analytics). Following the real-life profession of driving an 18-wheeler through some of the most dangerous and frightening terrains in Canada and Alaska, the show can be a real nail-biter for fans. The reality series has skated its way into some pretty impressive viewership numbers over the course of its 11 seasons due to this suspense (via The Guardian).

Of course, this popularity has also made minor celebrities out of the recurring drivers who appeared across the many episodes of "Ice Road Truckers." In particular, Lisa Kelly has become a focus for fans of the series, and it's not hard to see why. With her slight frame and long blonde hair, Kelly is the last person you picture when you think of a long-haul trucker navigating some of the scariest roads in North America.

Busting these stereotypes, Kelly has nerves of steel and is a top-tier trucker, but that hasn't stopped her from being just as shaken by the tumultuous conditions drivers occasionally faced on "Ice Road Truckers" as anyone else might be.

Lisa Kelly says driving in India is even scarier than it looks

Lisa Kelly stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman back in 2010, and she sat down with the host to discuss the high-stakes world of "Ice Road Truckers." As the conversation quickly turned to her time driving in The Himalayan mountain ranges of India, Kelly wasn't shy about sharing how tough those roads were to drive. Still, when Letterman asked her why they do it, the reality TV star was quick with a quip.

"For entertainment, I guess," Kelly said. "We were in India for two months, and it was pretty crazy," she confessed. As the roads of India are known for being in relatively poor condition (via Country Reports), particularly in remote areas like The Himalayas, it's not hard to imagine how unnerving those roads must have been to drive in a fully-loaded tractor trailer.

When Letterman asked her if it was as frightening to navigate those roads as it appeared to be, Kelly was candid in her response. "Probably worse," she said. "I was thinking, you guys, you can turn off the TV, and I can't leave," Kelly explained as Letterman's audience burst into laughter. "I think they were just looking for bad roads around the world, and they picked the worst first," Kelly concluded. Well, it sounds like the reality TV star is ready to drive in just about any weather condition after those particularly harrowing experiences.