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Halo Season 2 Just Hit A Major Production Milestone

Of the countless franchises that have taken the video gaming spotlight over the years, "Halo" is undoubtedly among the most iconic. Kicking off in 2001 with the "Halo: Combat Evolved" title, the series has since expanded into a multimedia juggernaut. As the story of Master Chief continued to unfold with each sequel, a bunch of tie-in novels, comics, and more served to expand the world he lived in. Fans of the property couldn't get enough, and Hollywood certainly took notice. Thus, a live-action "Halo" television adaptation finally came to fruition in March of 2022.

By most estimations, the Paramount+ take on "Halo" is something of a mixed bag. Sure, it includes recognizable elements from the games, such as Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber), the United Nations Space Command, and the Covenant, but it also takes many creative liberties with the source material that left fans and critics lukewarm on the endeavor. Despite adopting its own canon — dubbed the "Silver Timeline" — the first season of "Halo" didn't work for many longtime fans of the games. Nevertheless, that's not to say that it doesn't have its supporters.

As for those who enjoyed Paramount+'s take on "Halo," they'll be delighted to know that Season 2 has hit an important production milestone.

Cameras are rolling on Halo Season 2

As of September 14, 2022, months after "Halo" Season 1 concluded its nine-episode run, cameras are officially rolling on Season 2. As noted by Collider, Pablo Schreiber and Natascha McElhone, who have become executive producers on the series, will reprise their roles of Master Chief and Dr. Halsey, respectively, alongside fellow returning actors Bokeem Woodbine, Yerin Ha, Natasha Culzac, Shabana Azmi, Bentley Kalu, Olive Gray, Charlie Murphy, Kate Kennedy, and Danny Sapani. Fiona O'Shaughnessy and Tylan Bailey are coming back as well, only this time around, they've been promoted to series regulars.

To keep things fresh for "Halo" Season 2, Joseph Morgan and Cristina Rodlo have joined the cast as James Ackerson and Talia Perez (via TVLine). As revealed by the official Twitter page of the "Halo" series, production has begun in Iceland, as commemorated by a behind-the-scenes photo of the Spartan crew. At the time of this writing, it's unknown when "Halo" Season 2 will drop on Paramount+, nor has it been confirmed how many episodes it will include. With production underway, however, it stands to reason that such information will come to light sooner rather than later.

For those who haven't checked it out yet or are now eager for a rewatch, thanks to this Season 2 news, Season 1 of "Halo" is currently available to stream exclusively on Paramount+.