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Wheel Of Fortune's New Puzzle Board Has Fans Looking Twice For All The Wrong Reasons

Since its debut in 1975, "Wheel of Fortune" has entertained multiple generations of audiences. The show's longtime host and hostess, Pat Sajak and Vanna White, have been at the helm since 1983, and it only took a few short years for them to help bring millions of viewers to the series (via The Washington Post). Now in its 40th season, this iteration of "Wheel of Fortune" has made Sajak and White part of the backdrop of American popular culture, with their lowkey style mixed with glamor continuing the appeal of the show. But the passage of time has also brought certain cosmetic changes to the look and feel of the series.

The game's famous puzzle board became another instantly identifiable part of the show. In 1997, the board became fully electronic, but still maintained its basic appearance. 25 years later, the board has received another upgrade, but this time, the makeover has fans looking twice, but not for all the right reasons.

Some fans have issues with Wheel of Fortune's new puzzle board

With the premiere of Season 40, "Wheel of Fortune" decided to revamp its puzzle board. The new board completely matches the digital age we now live in and has advanced beyond the former 52-monitor, touchscreen board setup to now utilize laser technology based on heat movement (per TVLine). But major changes within a legacy pop culture institution are likely to divide fans, and many are not at all pleased with the smaller, LED screen upgrade. Twitter user @Amilij27 commented, "Sorry for the negativity but watching season premier of @WheelofFortune but 1.) the new letterboard is not a good look ..."

Based on the number of similar comments, it seems that the new puzzle board has been jarring for many viewers, with one fan, @tbriscoe, writing, "Hi, I'm a great big nerd. They added white space around each letter in the new season of #WheelOfFortune. I think it makes it harder to read." And for many, there was one other big issue: brightness. As @chinitajenelle wrote, "I need sunglasses to see this new wheel of fortune board."

Change is one thing, but added difficulties in seeing the letters for some viewers is totally another. Whether or not fans settle into accepting the new board remains to be seen. The 40th season of "Wheel of Fortune" airs weeknights in local syndication.