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What Zelda Williams Thinks About Possibly Working On A Legend Of Zelda Adaptation

Zelda Williams has been steeped in video game history since her birth. She was named after the titular princess from Nintendo's legendary franchise "The Legend of Zelda." Williams went on to play the "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" for eight hours straight during a charity livestream that benefitted the Brain and Behavior Institute in 2017. She has subsequently spoken out about her fondness for playing video games. It was a hereditary hobby — her father, the late and legendary Robin Williams, definitely had a penchant for playing video games.

With all of that family history behind her, one might be curious to learn how Williams would feel about appearing in a big-screen version of the video game in some capacity. After all, Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu have managed to spawn successful film franchises, and there are movie adaptions in the pipeline for Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros., among other video game properties. Why not bring a universe as rich as Hyrule is to the movies, with an actor sporting a legendary pedigree in the title role? Here's how Williams feels about that notion.

How meta would Nintendo want to go?

Zelda Williams told The Hollywood Reporter that her hypothetical casting would depend on how Nintendo — and the studio — feel about the situation. "I mean, it's the same way that people have continued to treat me right now and say that they wanted me to voice Zelda in the game," she said. After confessing that she think that placing her in the part of Zelda might be a little bit too obvious, she added, "I love working with them in the sense that they send me the games and I get to be nerdy and tweet about them every once in a while, but it might be a little on the nose." 

It sounds like that might be a full-on no, due to how distracting Williams' presence in the role might feel to those watching at home. She added that she didn't know how a writer might properly adapt the game to another medium since Link is a silent protagonist. Nintendo has tackled that issue by allowing Link to speak in several franchise spin-offs, including "The Legend of Zelda: The Animated Series."

While fans of the games may never get to see Williams play Zelda, she has dressed up as Link before. The actor showed up at a 2019 Halloween party in a Link costume, which can be seen in the picture above.