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What On Earth Will A Live-Action Pac-Man Movie Look Like?

We hope you've been stockpiling your quarters. Another video game hero is set to make his way to the big screen soon.

Namco's beloved video game hero "Pac-Man" isn't a stranger to being adapted to other mediums. There was an animated series starring the famous pellet-eating character, along with his famous Mrs. and their Baby, in 1982 that aired on CBS' Saturday Morning line-up for two seasons (via IMDb). A Christmas special called "Christmas Comes to Pac-Land" premiered that same year, as did the novelty tune "Pac-Man Fever," which (are you surprised yet?) became a huge hit for musical duo Buckner & Garcia.

The property was also more recently revived in 2013 for Disney XD as "Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures." That show aired 52 episodes before concluding in 2015 (via Terrible TV Shows). In fact, Pac-Man has seen itself expanded into a plethora of products, from ice cube trays to stuffed toys that resemble the character's ghost-shaped enemies. There are even Pac-Man canned pasta and Pac-Man-shaped cereal.

With "Sonic the Hedgehog" recently spawning a successful film franchise and "Super Mario Bros." set to transition to the big screen, it's probably not too big of a shock to learn that there's a Pac-Man movie coming soon — and it's going to be a live-action feature. But one big question lingers in the air — just what might a live-action "Pac-Man" movie look like?

Wayfarer Studios will head the movie's production

While we haven't had any first-look images for the movie yet, nor has a cast or director even been announced, you can expect the "Pac-Man" film to look at least a little like the Disney+ short "Clouds." According to the Hollywood Reporter, Wayfarer Studios, the same company that produced "Clouds," will produce the upcoming film on the legendary video game figure.

In addition to the newly announced project, THR reports that the studio has a variety of other features on its production slate. These include "Empire Waist" (which Deadline describes as a dramedy about a group of teenagers who come to love themselves thanks to a fashion design class) and "The Senior" (a football drama starring Michael Chiklis). There's no word if "Pac-Man" will depart from the inspirational, warm tones that these movies are expected to take on.

Notably, we do have a notion as to what direction the film might be taking when it comes to writing the project. Variety states that the film's plotline stems from an idea by Chuck Williams, who was an associate producer on "Sonic the Hedgehog" (per IMDb). Williams and Tim Kwok will also co-produce the film as a part of Lightbeam Entertainment.