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Alaska Daily - What We Know So Far

There's a distinct hint of fall in the air, and that can mean only one thing: network television is about to be rife with fresh new shows vying to capture the hearts, minds, and eyes of viewers from every corner of the country. Of course, given the domination of streaming and the current popularity of nostalgia, there are noticeably fewer new shows than ever, with reboots, revivals, and long-running programs taking center stage (per CNN). But that doesn't mean shows with no pre-existing IP aren't gonna hit the primetime realm this year as a few notable series are indeed making their debuts in the fall of 2022.

Chief among them is a new, Alaska-set drama that promises to put the complex world of investigative journalism at the forefront of its narrative. Yes, the new series will also front a two-time Academy Award winner as its lead. It's called "Alaska Daily" and here's everything we know about the show so far. 

Who is starring in Alaska Daily?

It is indeed a rare event when such a lauded performer makes their way to network television. And primetime viewers should really celebrate the fact that, in the case of "Alaska Daily," that actor is none other than Hilary Swank, who won her first best actress Oscar statue for a bravura turn in 1999's "Boys Don't Cry" (arguably one of the best LGBTQ+ movies of all time), and netted a second just a few years later for her work in Clint Eastwood's maudlin boxing drama "Million Dollar Baby."

Swank is no stranger to the small screen, of course, having famously broken out with a recurring role on "Beverly Hills, 90210," and recently appeared on the FX drama "Trust: The Getty Family Story." "Alaska Daily" is Swank's first headlining role on a network program, however, and it should be interesting to see how her style translates to what has traditionally been more restrictive territory. Thankfully, the Oscar-winning actor will be surrounded by a better-than-solid group of supporting players on the new series, with Jeff Perry ("Inventing Anna"), Grace Dove ("The Revenant"), Matt Malloy ("Perry Mason"), Craig Frank ("Silicon Valley"), and relative newcomer Pablo Castelblanco ("Room 104") rounding out the principal cast.

What is the plot of Alaska Daily?

As it happens, Hilary Swank is not the only Oscar-winner involved with "Alaska Daily" — "Spotlight" writer and director Tom McCarthy created the series. McCarthy also wrote and directed the pilot, and will continue to serve as a producer on the series moving forward (per Variety). As it is, McCarthy's name alone would likely be enough to get folks excited to see "Alaska Daily," if only because it's centered on an investigative journalist, and his "Spotlight" ranks among the gold standard films (see also "All the President's Men," "The Insider," and "The Post") for narratives circling that particular subject matter.

As for what McCarthy will have Swank doing in "Alaska Daily," according to ABC's official synopsis, the actor will be portraying Eileen Fitzgerald, a disgraced New York reporter who packs off to the icy confines of Anchorage in search of a fresh start on both the personal and professional fronts. That synopsis seems to pit "Alaska Daily" as a slightly refreshing alternative to a television landscape dominated by tales of cops, lawyers, and doctors. Likewise, given the level of talent involved, and its absurdly photogenic locale, there's every reason to believe this series could be one of the season's best new offerings.

When will Alaska Daily be released?

With the who's, what's, and why's of "Alaska Daily" covered, the obvious question now becomes when you'll actually be able to watch the series. The good news is that the primetime premiere of "Alaska Daily" is just around the corner, with ABC penciling that debut in for Thursday, October 6, at 10 p.m. EST (per ABC). The series will presumably continue to air in that time slot throughout the season, and as with most ABC shows, will be available to stream the day after on Hulu. So go ahead and set yourself a phone reminder if you're hot to check it out.

One unanswered question regarding the airing of "Alaska Daily" is just how many episodes there will be for its inaugural season. Some ABC dramas, such as "Grey's Anatomy," run for as many as 25 episodes a season, while others, such as "Big Sky," tend to clock in at 16-18 episodes. Without more information, it's hard to say where "Alaska Daily" will fall on that spectrum. But we'd guess that there will likely be at least 16 episodes in the 1st season.

Is there a trailer for Alaska Daily?

With the season premiere of "Alaska Daily" rapidly approaching, you might be wondering whether or not ABC has released a trailer for the hotly-anticipated new series. They have released a short teaser, and based on this brief glimpse, "Alaska Daily" is set to pack some big-time thrills and chills into its 1st season. Hilary Swank is, understandably, front and center for most of the action, with her Eileen Fitzgerald arriving in Anchorage after a calamitous career misstep leaves her in search of a new start. Once in town, she takes a gig at a daily metro paper and soon finds herself on the beat of a string of local missing persons and murder cases involving indigenous women that may or may not portend a far-reaching conspiracy.

As the cryptic teaser unfolds, Fitzgerald's investigative skills are challenged as she and fellow journalist Rosalind "Roz" Friendly (Grace Dove) go all in on breaking their story by presumably any means necessary. Judging from the trailer, that story will serve as the central narrative arc throughout the season, though we'll obviously have to wait to see if stretches beyond. Nonetheless, the trailer is a bit of a low-key thrill ride in its own right, with Swank, Tom McCarthy, and company clearly looking to shake up the primetime landscape with some grounded high-stakes drama. Here's hoping they deliver on that promise.