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Lopez Vs. Lopez - What We Know So Far

After decades of success as both a stand-up comic and a sitcom dad, George Lopez is set to return to small screens worldwide this fall after surviving career setbacks and personal issues, including a short-lived talk show. The actor has definitely tasted series success before; "The George Lopez Show" was an ABC staple that lasted for six seasons and then took on a second life through reruns broadcast on TBS and Nick at Nite. So Lopez definitely knows what it takes to make the sort of show that'll stand the test of time. But will audiences respond to his latest sitcom, or have they moved on from his brand of humor? 

Either way, Lopez won't be going it alone in primetime for "Lopez vs. Lopez." His daughter, Mayan Lopez, will co-star in the program and is co-producing it as well, adding a fun real-life flavor to the conflict inherent in the show's plots. Here are all the details we know about when you can see the show, what it will be about, and who stars in the program.

When will Lopez vs. Lopez debut?

NBC reports that the show will debut on November 4. It's been given the former timeslot held down by the now-canceled Kenan Thompson vehicle "Kenan," Mondays at 8 p.m. EST. The network adds that "Young Rock" will have its season premiere directly following "Lopez vs. Lopez" at 8:30 p.m., which means that the twosome will occupy the 8 o'clock block every Monday this fall and winter. "The Voice" is slated to hold down this block of time from September 19 to October 24.

It's an interesting counterprogramming choice from NBC, which has to compete against CBS' steady-going line-up of sitcoms, Fox's juggernaut "9-1-1" franchise, and ABC's slate of reality shows and medical dramas. They'll all face the titanic competition offered by ESPN's Monday Night Football, which will be in full swing when "Lopez vs. Lopez" takes its first bow. It remains to be seen if George and co. have what it takes to battle back such epic competition. 

Who stars in Lopez vs. Lopez?

Per NBC, George and Mayan Lopez will portray ... George and Mayan, a father and daughter team whose dynamics may or may not echo their own real-life connection. 

The rest of the cast includes Selenis Leyva, whose character was not given a first name in any of the press releases NBC has put out about the show, as Maya's mother and George's ex-wife. Brice Gonzalez plays Chance, the son of Mayan and her current boyfriend, who is roughly the age of a kindergartener. Matt Shively is that boyfriend, whose name is Quinten. Laci Mosley is Brookie, the best friend of Mayan and her co-worker at a veterinary clinic. Rounding out the cast is Kiran Deol as Dr. Pocha, a veterinarian who also happens to own that clinic and be Mayan and Brookie's boss.

There's no further word as to whether or not the show will sport any guest stars or if there will be any further changes to the cast before it hits primetime.

What will Lopez vs. Lopez be about?

Without a trailer available at press time, we have to rely on the blurbs and press photos released from the show's pilot to properly describe what "Lopez vs. Lopez" will be about. NBC describes the show as a working-class comedy "about dysfunction, reconnection and all the pain and joy in between." Aside from the fact that it will mine Mayan and George's real-life relationship for fictionalized plots to a degree, there's no further word as to what the show will be about.

It's easy to imagine from this blurb that the show will derive conflict from the generational gap between George and Mayan, who may clash over the fact that she is not married to her boyfriend. They could have conflicting opinions about how to raise Chance properly and over Mayan's mother's presence in her life. Add on relationship and workplace conflicts for Mayan, and the possibility of George having a rich pool of friends and work connections to mine, and you have the makings of quite the interesting sitcom.