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Supernatural Fans Love This Witty Dean Moment

"Supernatural" aired for 15 seasons on the CW but continues to find new life — and devoted fans — through streaming services such as Netflix. At face value, the show was about the Winchester brothers and their allies who crossed America hunting demons, ghosts, and monsters, but as its fandom knows, it was about much more than that. Aside from some heart-wrenching scenes — Charlie's death still hurts, OK? — and skin-crawling moments — remember those terrifying porcelain dolls from Season 2? — "Supernatural" could also make viewers laugh out loud on occasion

While Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) both had their moments, the funniest ones arguably belong to Dean, whose boy-like enthusiasm had a tendency to shine through his tough-guy exterior when viewers least expected it. While there are plenty of scenes to list, there are a handful that rank high on fans' lists of favorite funny Dean moments. Shut your pie hole and strap in. Here's the one scene Reddit users enthusiastically recall as their favorite. 

I killed Hitler

Season 12, episode 5 — "The One You've Been Waiting For" — saw Sam and Dean in a race to stop some Nazi necromancers from resurrecting Adolf Hitler, whose soul has been trapped in a golden pocket watch. By the time the brothers catch up with the bad guys, they've already managed to place Hitler's soul into the body of one of their own. Of course, the boys get the upper hand, and Dean shoots the revived Hitler in the head, but not before saying, "Heil this." 

It takes a few seconds for it to dawn on him, but when it does, Dean smiles big and brags, "I killed Hitler!" The joke gains steam as Dean then continues to remind everyone of that fact any chance he gets. "I killed Hitler," he says in the next scene. "I think that entitles me to free drinks for the rest of my life. I'm gonna get T-shirts made." The gag continues into the next episode, "Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox," when Jody (Kim Rhodes) asks them what they've been up to since she saw them last. "I killed Hitler," Dean brags while Sam practically rolls his eyes. Jody's response? "Oh. Thank you?" 

On a Reddit thread they started on the topic, user CarriePotterHead said the running joke was probably their favorite, inviting other fans to weigh in. It turns out there was another episode with a running joke users thought was funnier.

This particular episode killed fans—and Dean, too

Before it became common for both Sam and Dean to die repeatedly on "Supernatural," the show's writers had some fun killing Dean again and again in a single episode. In the Season 3 episode titled "Mystery Spot," the boys investigate a tourist attraction known as The Mystery Spot, where a man went missing. Sam gets trapped in a time loop in which he is forced to watch his brother die every day in a different way. Each time, Sam awakens to the alarm clock playing Asia's "Heat of the Moment."

In the Reddit thread about favorite "Supernatural" scenes, numerous users agree that "Mystery Spot" is just plain fun to watch because of Dean's various downfalls. "I love the mystery spot episode where Dean keeps dying," wrote Axela556. "At one point he asks Sam if it looked cool when he gets hit by a car and Sam tells him he peed himself. Gets me every time." Other users had fun recalling Dean's lines each time before he met his end. "Do these tacos taste funny to you? 🎶It was the heat of the moment🎶" wrote darkwinter95. "Hey buddy. Need a friend? 🎶 HEAT OF THE MOMENT 🎶" added green49285.

Reddit user KatokaMika is all of us when they comment, "Oh great now i have that stuck in my head."