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The Most Powerful Scene In All Of Supernatural According To Fans

Family trauma is the game for the Winchester boys on The CW's "Supernatural." After the brutal murder of their mother, Mary (Samantha Smith), their childhood goes out the window. John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) raises his sons Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) as soldiers instead of children, primed to fight the forces of evil. With such a dark upbringing, it is no surprise that "Supernatural" puts its characters through all sorts of emotional circumstances throughout its 15-season run.

In the demanding lifestyle that the Winchesters lead, death is unavoidable. Fans have been put through the gauntlet, forced to watch some of the most heartbreaking deaths of the series. Sam and Dean, in particular, have sacrificed themselves for each other repeatedly. But when prompted to think of the most powerful scene in the entire series, many fans overwhelmingly agreed on one episode. Not even the ending of "Supernatural" was as moving as an early episode in the show's tenure.

Sam's attempt at romance ends in tragedy

The Winchesters have often dabbled in affairs of the heart. Though Dean finds the no-strings-attached option more appealing, the same cannot be said for Sam. A romantic by nature, Sam can't help but empathize with those around him. And in one particular instance, it is to his detriment. Season 2 Episode 17, "Heart" explores Sam's crush on Madison (Emmanuelle Vaugier), a girl who may be the target of a werewolf. But the episode turns unexpectedly after Madison is revealed as the culprit. Madison's animal instincts are so uncontrollable that the only way to save lives is to kill her, leaving Sam to carry out the difficult task.

"Just the way Sam cries in the kitchen while talking to Dean ... it's so real ... the way he's shaking and all. Very well acted," posted u/Raptor97. "Also, when that gunshot goes off ... [It] makes me cringe every time." Many fans concluded that the acting blew the scene out of the water, even equating it to the heartbreaking Season 5 finale.

"The acting in this scene is tremendous," concluded u/Mooncinder. "It's a very close second to the ending of 'Swan Song' for me." A far cry from the usual storylines of unrepentantly killing monsters, this was a shocking standalone episode.

The actors went to a dark place to get to those emotions

Many moments between the two television brothers have brought them to tears. But in an interview with TVLine, Jared Padalecki explained that he never cried more than when filming the pivotal episode. 

"I remember preparing for the scene and reading it and thinking about what it would be like to put my dog down," the actor explained. "I remember thinking what would it be like to love something or care about something deeply and have to say goodbye to it." In a show full of monsters, demons, and angels, a level of reality is essential. And if the show's longevity has anything to say about it, it certainly made an impact. And not just with fans. Padalecki's scene partner Jensen Ackles also had an unexpected reaction during filming.

"I didn't expect to get emotional," Ackles admitted in the same interview, "but watching him go through what he was going through, just that energy fueled me. I think the last shot as it cuts to me, there's a tear going down my face." Dean watches as Sam agrees to take Madison's life for the greater good, despite his feelings for her. This deep well of emotion is explored further in the series, but this early moment proved Ackles and Padalecki could give exemplary performances.