Quinta Brunson's Reaction To Jimmy Kimmel's Disruptive Emmys Bit Makes Us Love Her Even More

There seems to be a reoccurring trend when it comes to disruptions at award ceremonies, but luckily for viewers of the 2022 Emmys, there wasn't anything quite that explosive at the award show. However, that isn't to say that there aren't a few unforeseen reactions or jokes that don't quite land. Speaking of bits that missed the mark, it seems as if Jimmy Kimmel's antics have caused a slight bit of a stir.

During the presentation for the Emmy involving writing in a comedy series, both Kimmel and Will Arnett took the stage, although it seems as if Arnett was doing all of the work. The bit started off with Arnett dragging a completely limp Kimmel across the stage. Arnett then commented that Kimmel was sad because he never won an Emmy for writing and that he got into the skinny margaritas backstage. Kimmel was then asked if he was okay by Arnett, and yet Kimmel laid there without moving a muscle. Arnett then fumbled through his own pockets, looking for the envelope containing the name of the winner, but he realized that Kimmel was actually the one with it in his possession, so Arnett rifled through Kimmel's pockets before announcing Quinta Brunson's win for "Abbot Elementary."

Brunson joked that she might punch Kimmel when she later appears on his show

At this point, Quinta Brunson took the stage, and yet Kimmel remained. Brunson, elated by her win, delivered her acceptance speech all the while Kimmel pretended to be drunk or dead, only reacting once by giving a thumbs up to Brunson. Brunson didn't skip a beat while thanking her family, even though she had to stand over somebody in the middle of a stage. A tweet from Variety at 11:31 p.m. highlighted Brunson's initial reaction, and she said, "I felt like the bit didn't bother me that much...Tomorrow maybe I'll be mad at him. I'm going to be on his show on Wednesday, so I might punch him in the face."

By no means is this some serious controversy, and the two have had interactions in the past. As illustrated by this clip from Jimmy Kimmel's show on YouTube from earlier in 2022, Kimmel managed to find the 6th-grade teacher that helped inspire Brunson's "Abbot Elementary" and surprised Brunson with the effort by inviting the teacher to appear via screen. Chances are, Kimmel and Brunson are probably friends in real life, especially considering Brunson's late-night reaction to Kimmel's shenanigans. Either way, with Brunson set to appear on Kimmel's show on Wednesday, there's no way that this Emmy moment won't be a topic of discussion.