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You Won't Believe The Marvel Crossover Stranger Things Producer Shawn Levy Wants To Make

The 2022 Emmys, a highly publicized, celebrity artist's awards show, have now come and gone, with blessedly far less drama than the Oscars. To the victors, such as Jason Sudeikis' heartfelt comedy "Ted Lasso" and Mike White's drama anthology "The White Lotus," went most of the golden spoils. The newsworthy moments, however, began long before the hosts began rattling off names between a series of scripted, weirdly uncomfortable goofs. On the red carpet beforehand, creative minds like Shawn Levy, who directed a number of "Stranger Things" episodes (and continues to executive produce for the series), as well as most of Ryan Reynolds' recent filmography, including Reynold's upcoming third installment in the "Deadpool" franchise, managed to share some of their behind-the-scenes work.

Specifically, his incredibly specific desire to see his most recent credits combine for one, big crossover event. And, yes, we brought up his time with Reynolds for a reason. When approached about the potential of expansion of Netflix's 1980s darling production, here's what Levy had to say about a potential crossover between "Stranger Things" and the Merc with a Mouth, "Deadpool."

Update: This article has been updated to include Shawn Levy's tweet in response to reporting about his earlier, apparently facetious, remarks.

Shawn Levy would love to see a Deadpool crossover, but don't hold your breath

According to Variety, Shawn Levy has been attempting to make "Deadpool" crossover with "Stranger Things" for a while now. On the red carpet, he said, "Funnily enough, Ryan [Reynolds] and I were trying to figure out how in the world could we do a 'Deadpool'-'Stranger Things' crossover. We haven't cracked it yet, but it's on the table."

As mentioned earlier, Levy and Reynolds have worked together numerous times in recent years. Levy directed "Free Guy" (which is set to get a sequel) and "The Adam Project," both of which starred Reynolds in roles that featured frequent references to other media. And that's important, in that it's the same kind of energy that "Stranger Things" and "Deadpool" take with their media, too — both projects are heavily structured around their ability to mention or mock copyrighted material. Granted, "Stranger Things" is very much its own thing when it comes to references, as they must be period correct for the 1980s, but that doesn't preclude a "Deadpool" crossover.

The first "Deadpool" comic was released in 1983, the very same year that the events of "Stranger Things" begin. While it all sounds like a match made in heaven, Levy did take to Twitter to qualify his remarks: "Wade Wilson can't stand the sight of blood, unless it's his own or his enemies. Nose- bleeds are a hard Pass. No DP/ST crossover coming, folks."