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The Hilariously Creative Way Sarah Chalke Recorded For Rick And Morty During Quarantine

During quarantine, most people had to make a huge transition as they learned how to do their job from home after being used to doing their job at another location. Many jobs have to be completed away from home — especially if they require co-workers together in the same location and all necessary equipment and gear stored on-site. When the pandemic hit, the adjustment to working remotely presented challenges for people working in basically all fields, including film and television production. In fact, many movies and TV shows were delayed due to the coronavirus. Although people could not attend their jobs in person, they used technology in order to complete their duties in an alternative fashion. 

Because of quarantine and social distancing rules, cast members of "Rick and Morty" could not meet to film the show together as usual. However, the cast and crew used innovative methods in order to continue production despite the pandemic. Although this process was not always easy, it was preferable to ceasing production altogether for an indefinite amount of time during Covid-19. Luckily, with "Rick and Morty" Season 6 now airing, production seems to be back to normal for the time being. 

Sarah Chalke made a fort out of toys to help with sound quality

On an episode of the podcast 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt, Sarah Chalke, who plays Beth Smith, discussed how her role as a voice actress for "Rick and Morty" changed during the pandemic. Quarantine shut down regular production, and the actors were not able to all meet in person to record the show together as usual. Instead, each actor had to record their own lines at home, using a combination of equipment that the show's crew had lent them and other items that they happened to have in their houses. 

Chalke said, "We each had a tiny microphone and we had to create the most acoustically favorable environment. I took the lower bunk bed in my son's bunk bed, took every duvet in my house and like hung them around. Every pillow and stuff and then stacked up Harry Potter books and precariously balanced this microphone on top." Basically, she used her children's toys to make a fort, which served as an impromptu sound booth to record Beth's voice.

Once it became clear that the pandemic would go on for a long time, Chalke upped her at-home sound booth game. She recalls, "I did a deep dive on the internet for how to build your own sound booth." However, after talking to some sound professionals, Chalke ultimately decided to let them build her a proper at-home sound booth that she could use to record Beth.