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Disney+'s Willow Scored Christian Slater For A Mysterious Role

After years of dormancy, Disney has resurrected the Ron Howard-directed fantasy film "Willow" from its archives. A brand-new limited series — also called "Willow" — will soon reach Disney+, and casting announcements are already flying fast and thick about the property.

The miniseries will once more take us deep into the mystical fantasy world where brownies, sorcerers, trolls, and warriors rule the world, and good and evil are always at a conflict point. Magic is thick in the air, and danger is a constant presence. Christian Slater is a veteran of many a dangerous fictional world, from the murderous high school caste systems of "Heathers" to the royals versus nobility clash in "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves." At this point in his career, he's no stranger to portraying a world filled with dire pitfalls. As per an announcement at the D23 Expo, it appears that fans of the laconic actor can expect to see him in a whole new light in the miniseries.

Slater will appear in Willow but his role is currently unnamed

Deadline exclusively revealed that Slater will appear in the production thanks to a D23 announcement. Slim details were available about who the actor will play, but Deadline declares that Slater's character is a friend of Madmartigan (Val Kilmer), Willow Ufgood's (Warwick Davis) mercenary friend from the 1988 film, and he will subsequently aid Willow on his journey. 

"I love the fantasy, the sci-fi, just getting to be a part of this show was, I will be honest with you, an absolute dream come true. This was a very fun character, we got to have some improv, ad-libs we came up with stuff on the spot, which was fun," Slater said during his D23 appearance, via Deadline. 

There are also slim details about the general plotline of "Willow." The show's new trailer seems to suggest that Ufgood has continued to train in sorcery in the years since the film's conclusion and has once again been called upon to leave his simple life as a farmer and use his skills to rescue a prince who happens to be the son of Madmartigan and Sorcha (Joanne Whalley). The questing party includes Kit (Ruby Cruz), a sister to the kidnapped prince, and a number of other folks who join a team on a hero's journey to rescue the prince and save their world from unfathomable evil. There's no word on what's happened to Elora Danan, the infant whose prophetic birth signaled the downfall of the evil sorceress and Queen Bavmorda (Jean Marsh).

"Willow" will reach Disney+ on November 30.